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Tekno RC EB48 Electric Buggy

Tekno RC Team Report Week 11-12, 2018

Two more winning filled weeks in USA, Korea and Finland with Tekno RC drivers winning in 1/10th and 1/8th scale classes! Congratulations to Tyler Hooks, Aaron Royston, Logan Wendling, Kevin Lee, JaeKyun Kim, Mike Legue, Frederick …

Tekno RC Team Report Week 8-9, 2018

Another couple of successful weeks for Tekno RC team drivers, with John Bernard Jr, Mike Lopes, Patrick Rossiter, Lil Donnie Ward, Frederick Perkins, Steve DeArmon, Logan Wendling, James Doherty, Alex Anapoliotakis and Rudy Khoubbieh winning the races they …

Tekno RC Team Report Week 4-5, 2018

A very successful couple of weeks in USA, South Africa and Puerto Rico! Congratulations to Tekno RC Team drivers Tayler Wonders, Brian Bush, Mike Legue, Tag Georges, Orlando Lebron, Matt Breasbois, Patrick Rossiter, Steve DeArmon, …

Tekno RC Team Report Week 51, 2017

Despite the festive season Tekno RC Team drivers never stop winning. Congratulations to Mikko Maula, Mark Kimley, Ryan Fietz, Mike Legue, Jeremy LeDonne and Patrick Rossiter for winning the races they attended in Finland and USA!