The 2021 Lone Star Nitro Challenge Report

The team had a fantastic showing at. the 2021 Lone Star Nitro Challenge, check out the results here. #TeknoTakeover

Pro Buggy: 1st Tyler Jones, 2nd Jared Wiggins, and 5th Tyler Hooks

Pro Ebuggy: 1st Tyler Jones, 4th Tyler Hooks

Pro Truggy: 1st Jared Wiggins, 3rd Spencer Klein, 4th Tyler Hooks

Sportsman Etruggy: 2nd Tony Paulini (Privateer), 3rd Noel Cerda (Privateer)

Intermediate Etruggy: 3rd Randy Lathrop, 4th James Titus

Intermediate Ebuggy: 1st Smiley Henn (Privateer), 3rd Randy Lathrop, 4th Thomas Hinton, TQ Joseph Johnson (Privateer)

40+ Ebuggy: 1st Chris Allison (Team Driver and Track Owner, 5th Aaron Royston  

Sportsman Ebuggy: 1st Jon Bennett (Privateer) 

Intermediate Buggy: 4th Micah Smith

40+ Truggy: 2nd Aaron Royston

Sportsman Buggy: 4th Damon Thorton (Privateer)


40+ Buggy: 5th Aaron Royston

Intermediate Truggy: 1st Joseph Johnson (Privateer)

40+ Etruggy: 3rd Steve DeArmon