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Tekno RC Team Report Week 10, 2018

A great week for Tekno RC Team drivers in USA, Namibia, Australia and South Africa. Congratulations to Dean Rock, Shane Kelly, Gerhard du Toit, Joey Bourdon, Akshay Patel, Cole Cullings and Matt Wolter for their wins!

Tekno RC Team Report Week 38

A very successful week for team drivers in France, China, Netherlands and USA with Alexandre Crave, Jonathan Yeung, Rajco van der Sluijs, Dave Hemenway, Dean Rock, Mason Eppley, Keith Hadley and Tyler Hooks winning the races they …

Tekno RC at MNL Round 2

Tekno RC’s Ryan Lutz together with Ilias Arkoudaris made the trip to Malaysia to participate in the Malaysian National League round 2 and support all Tekno RC drivers attending the race. Ilias reports back from …