The 2021 Northwest Arena Champs Report

The Tekno Team showed up and showed out at the 2021 Northwest Arena Champs, check out all the results here. #TeknoTakeover

Pro Buggy: 2nd Mason Eppley, 5th Tayler Wonders

Pro Truggy: 2nd Joseph Johnson, 3rd Tayler Wonders

Pro Ebuggy: 2nd Mason Eppley, 3rd Jacob Hudson

Mini Truggy: 1st Justin Gilkison, 2nd Dale Wenstad, 3rd Evan Roeth, 4th Sam Maahs, 5th Brian Eiter

40+ Ebuggy: 2nd Dale Wenstad, 4th Michael Hudson

Etruggy: 4th Dale Wenstad

40+ Nitro Buggy: 2nd Sam Maahs, 3rd J.R. Clark

4WDSC: 1st Brian Eiter, 2nd Rob Munday, 3rd Matt Niemi, 5th Zak McIssac

4wd Buggy: 2nd Koby Harris, 3rd Ty Campbell, 4th Brian Eiter

Sportsman Ebuggy: 2nd Brian Eiter, 4th Zak McIsaac