The 2022 Dirt Nitro Challenge Report

The 2022 Dirt Nitro Challenge has come and gone once again, check out how the Tekno RC team faired at one of the most difficult races of the year. #TeknoTakeover

Pro Nitro Truggy: The team fought extremely hard in Pro Truggy, Jared Tebo would battle for the lead for the first half of the race but a pit stop issue would leave him with a strong 3rd place finish. Jared Wiggins would finish 9th with Marco Baruffolo 10th and Tyler Jones 12th. Tyler had some amazing come back runs to bump from the C-Main up to the A-Main.

Pro Buggy: Jared Tebo battled hard again in Pro Buggy staying in the top 3 for the first half of the race before ultimately ending up 7th. Marco Baruffolo would end up 15th.

Pro Ebuggy: Marco would lead the way in Pro Ebuggy finishing 7th with Tebo 8th, Wiggins 11th, and Jones 14th.

Pro Etruggy: Carlos Arredondo would put together an epic last lap pass on Adam Drake to grab the top spot in Pro Etruggy with Shaun Kirkman ending up 3rd.

Intermediate Nitro Buggy: Ivan Moreno Jr. battled to the front half of the field all race ending up 3rd.

Intermediate Ebuggy: Ivan Moreno Jr. again battled as hard as he could to finish 2nd in Intermediate Ebuggy.

Intermediate Truggy: RTM Tayler Wonders put on a hard charge to the front to finish 2nd in Intermediate Truggy!

Intermediate Etruggy: Chad Panek grabbed the TQ and 3rd place finish in intermediate Etruggy.

40+ Etruggy: Ryan Dietrich (Not Pictured) finished up 3rd place in a stout 40+ Electric Truggy main event.