New Option Parts From Tekno RC!

Tekno RC is happy to announce the release of two new option parts that will further enhance the performance of your favorite Tekno RC vehicle. Please read below for more information about our latest products.

CNC machined from 7075 aluminum and hard anodized, these optional differential cross pins reduce driveline rotating mass and slightly improve acceleration. They’re great if you’re looking to shave a few grams plus they last incredibly long due to the hard anodizing. TKR9149A is a direct replacement for TKR9149 and is compatible with TKR9115 Differential Cases and TKR9150 Gear Sets.

Product Link:

TKR9149A – Differential Cross Pins (7075 alum, hard ano, 2.0, 6pcs)

Improve the consistency and lifespan of your brakes with these new brake pad return springs! The spring rate has been increased and provides more force to ensure your brakes won’t stick when disengaged. They provide a more natural feel in long runs and help eliminate brake fade by reducing friction between the brake discs and pads. TKR5368B is a direct replacement for TKR5368 and is compatible with all Tekno RC nitro vehicles.

Product Link:

TKR5368B – Brake Pad Return springs (revised, x-stiff, all NB/NT48, 4pcs)

These products are available from your local hobby shop or now!

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