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The Tekno RC Team Reports Are Back!

What better time to bring back the team reports than going into the brand new 2024 racing season. Check out what the team has been up to so far this year below!

Northwest Rage Tour
Round #2: Winter Rage

1:10 4wd Mini Truggy:

1st – Evan Roeth (Tekno)

2nd – Steve Ellsworth (Tekno)

3rd – Lee Hackney (Tekno)

4th – Mark Mckeel (Tekno)

5th – Bryan Johnson (Tekno)

1:10 4wd Mod Buggy:

1st – Evan Roeth (Tekno)

2nd – Koby Harris (Tekno)

3rd – Tim Wallace

4th – Mark Frauley

5th – Len Litke

1:8 Spec E Buggy By Lugz:

1st – Evan Roeth (Tekno)

2nd – Marshall Patten

3rd – Ty Campbell (Tekno)

4th – Carson Goodman

5th – Keaton Van Der Sommen

Colonel’s Winter Classic

4wd SCT:

1st – John Bernard Jr. (Tekno)

2nd – Owen Simmons

3rd – Nathaniel Grubbs

4th – Atha Stathopoulos

5th – Adam Coleman

Florida RC Championship Round 2 at Sundancers

Tekno RC racing car parts and accessories overview

Nitro Buggy Final Results:

1st – Gabriel Santiago (Tekno)

2nd – Nelson Garcia

3rd – James Large

4th – Chris Powell

5th – Matt Milling

FTC at The Nitro Compound

Tekno RC blog post featuring racing car image

Nitro Buggy Final Results:

1st – Josh Keith (Tekno)

2nd – Kenny Morrison

3rd – Scott Banta

4th – Alan Ginsey

5th – Cole Friedenreich

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