Team performance report chart

The Tekno RC Team Reports Are Back!

What better time to bring back the team reports than going into the brand new 2024 racing season. Check out what the team has been up to so far this year below!

RC Farm Season Opener

Pro E-Truggy:

1st – Wade Piggott (Tekno)

2nd – Ryan Noland

3rd – Jarrod Goodwin

4th – Josh Brown

5th – Justin Porter

Pro 4×4 SCT:

1st – Greg Rupe (Tekno)

2nd – Jarrod Goodwin

3rd – Daniel Holmes

4th – Jared Patmor

40+ Nitro Buggy:

1st – Greg Rupe (Tekno)

2nd – Mike Delay

3rd – Bobby Smith

4th – Josh Aslinger

5th – Billy Beron

ROCCK’s 11th Annual
Tennessee State Championship

Pro E-Truggy:

1st – Wade Piggott (Tekno)

2nd – Bella Rogers

3rd – Gary Studt

4th – Wyatt Lawson

5th – Ryan Noland

Pro 4wd SCT:

1st – Sean Salter (Tekno)

2nd – Tim Atkins

3rd – Fred Hargis

4th – Jarrod Goodwin

5th – Jesse Davis

3rd Annual Race To Cure Cancer
at Badlands RC Park

4×4 SCT Open:

1st – Tony Hinojosa (Tekno)

2nd – Kyle Troudt

3rd – Heath Evans

4th – James Zeller

5th – Tell Mitchell

Open E-Truggy:

1st – Heath Evans (Tekno)

2nd – Kyle Troudt

3rd – Tony Hinojosa

4th – Derrick Pursley

5th – Toby Kunkel

Tekno 1/8 Winter Series
at HobbyPlex Raceway

RC car racing on a dirt track

1/8 Nitro Truggy:

1st – Logan Prismantas (Tekno)

2nd – Brandon Kearney

3rd – Dru Dokken (Tekno)

4th – Sean VanDalen (Tekno)

5th – David Bradford

Laliwarehouse x 3D Dot Factory
1/8 EP Buggy Series Round 1

Image of a Tekno RC car on a track

1/8 Electric Buggy:

1st – Jonathan Yeung (Tekno)

2nd – Tong Chang

3rd – Marco B

Nitro Spring Fling
at Adrenaline RC Raceway

Tekno RC off-road remote control car in action

1/8 Nitro Truggy:

1st – Will Alameida (Tekno)

2nd – Jason Thorne

3rd – John Sherrill

4th – Brock Johnson

5th – Tiny Folsom

2nd Annual David Gallardo Memorial Race
at Raceparty RC Complex

Open E-Truggy:

1st – Heath Evans (Tekno)

2nd – Mikey Boy

3rd – Dom Caruso

4th – Toby Kunkel

5th – Mike Williams

Open SCT:

1st – Heath Evans (Tekno)

2nd – Julian Rios Jr.

3rd – Bill Malanoski

4th – Josh Medina

5th – JT Eccles

S&B March Madness

RC car racing in outdoor dirt track event

4wd SCT:

1st – Sean Salter (Tekno)

2nd – Neo Swain

3rd – Jason Erazo

4th – Richard Weekley

5th – Levi Pruessner

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