Tekno Team Driver Spotlight: Logan Wendling

TH: How old are you and where are you from?
LW: I am 13 and I am from Montrose Mi

TH: Favorite Class at the races?
LW: My favorite class indoor is 4wd buggy. Outdoor my favorite class is Nitro Buggy.

TH: Best moment with the Tekno Team?
LW: My best moments with the Tekno team would be battling Adam Russel and R.J. Hart for team coins all last summer during “The Series” races.

TH: What are your racing goals for 2020?
LW: In 2020 I want to improve my driving and get a trophy at Masters Of Dirt at Beach RC.

TH: Favorite Tekno Upgrade Part?
LW: My favorite Tekno upgrade part is the carbon fiber shock towers for the EB410 because they look cool.

TH: Event you look forward to the most in the next year?
LW: The race that I would like to attend the most in the next year would be PNB again. I love the big jumps and all day action.

TH: Anyone you would like to thank?
LW: I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for helping me get to this point and taking me to all these races. I would also like to thank my sponsors for the awesome equipment: Tekno RC, Fantom Racing, and JConcepts. Without you we might not be able to travel to some of these races.

PS, Thank you Tyler for the opportunity to do this interview.

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