Tekno Team Driver Spotlight: Jared Wiggins

TH: How old are you and where are you from?
JW: I am 19 years old and from Dixon, Illinois

TH: Favorite Class at the races?
JW: Definitely 1/8 nitro buggy! The long races, the sound, smell and especially the competition make it the best

TH: Best moment with the Tekno Team?
JW: I’d have to say this year’s Dirt Nitro Challenge having 4 cars in the Ebuggy main! We went out early to learn as a team and worked together very well all week giving some of the best DNC results yet!

TH: What are your racing goals for 2020?
JW: My goal is to get better at the mental side of racing, to never give up and work on my focus. Also to win some races this year!

TH: Favorite Tekno Upgrade Part?
JW: The tall wing mount for the 2.0 Buggies (TKR9181T), I like the added grip and feel it gives to the car

TH: Event you look forward to the most in the next year?
JW: There are quite a few races I really enjoy throughout the year but the ROAR Fuel Nationals at LCRC is definitely the one I’m looking forward to the most!

TH: Anyone you would like to thank?
JW: I’d like to thank Danny, Matt and everyone at Tekno for all they have done for me as well as all my Sponsors for their support! Thanks Tyler for having me!

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