New Aluminum Shock Caps and Standoffs From Tekno RC!


We are pleased to announce the release of two new products that will further improve the performance and versatility of all Tekno RC vehicles. Our new Aluminum shock caps are machined from 7075 aluminum and black anodized. They allow the use of any build style (Emulsion/Vented/Standard) to you can fine tune your car on any track surface. In addition to our shock caps our shock standoffs have been updated to accommodate the new caps and are now stronger than ever. Detailed info below:

TKR8702 Shock Caps


One shock cap for standard, vented and emulsion shock building styles! CNC machined from 7075 aluminum and black anodized, Tekno RC’s TKR8702shock caps provide the utmost durability and flexibility when choosing your shock damping package. The included left and right side shock caps allow the cap screw to face toward the inside of the vehicle and the bleeder hole to face the rear, away from incoming dirt and dust. Replacement o-rings are available (TKR8725).

Package Includes: (1) left and (1) right side shock cap, (2) emulsion o-rings, (2) emulsion cap screws and (2) small cap screw o-rings.

TKR8027 – Shock Standoffs


TKR8027 shock standoffs are a direct replacement for TKR5027 and intended to be used with TKR8702 and TKR6018 shock caps as they provide additional clearance between the shock tower and cap. In addition to being slightly longer, they have more material to improve durability and are keyed for use with TKR1103 Turnbuckle Wrench (4mm / 5mm, hardened steel) for easy installation. TKR8027 can also be used with TKR6003 and TKR6003B shock caps.

TKR8725 – Emulsion O-Ring Set


Emulsion O-Ring Set (4x cap seals, 8x emulsion screw o-rings, for TKR8702 shock caps)

Package Includes: (4) emulsion o-rings and (8) small cap screw o-rings.