EB48.4 Replacement Parts Now Available!

TKR8006Chassis (7075, hard anodized, EB48.4)
TKR6165Shock Pistons (CNC, flat/flat, 4×1.9, 11.3mm2)
TKR8027Shock Standoffs (fits TKR8702, TKR6018, TKR6003, 2pcs)
TKR8034Hinge Pins (outer, f/r, EB/NB48.4)
TKR8040ARear Hubs (L/R, 0 RC offset, EB/NB48.4)
TKR8041Spindles (L/R, EB/NB48.4)
TKR8042Kingpin Shoulder Screws (EB/NB48.4, 4pcs)
TKR8052APivot Balls (6.8mm, camber, str links, almnm, centered, 4pcs)
TKR8087Universal Driveshaft Set (f/r, 96.5mm, EB/NB.4, 2 pcs)
TKR8151Differential Ring Gear (CNC, 40t, use with TKR8152)
TKR8152Diff Pinion (12t, CNC, use with TKR8151)
TKR8161Hinge Pin Brace (CNC, 7075, EB/NB48.4, A Block)
TKR8162Hinge Pin Brace (CNC, 7075, EB/NB48.4, B Block)
TKR8163Hinge Pin Brace (CNC, 7075, EB/NB48.4, C Block)
TKR8164Hinge Pin Brace (CNC, 7075, EB/NB48.4, D Block)
TKR8184Suspension Arms (rear, EB/NB48.4)
TKR8194ASpindle Carriers (L/R, 15 degree, 0 RC offset, EB/NB.4)
TKR8245Body (.040 lexan, EB48/48.3/48.4, SL, w/ window mask)
TKR8246Decal Sheet (EB48.4)
TKR8286Suspension Arms (front, EB/NB48.4)
TKR8702Shock Caps (7075, emulsion/vented/standard, black ano, 2pcs)
TKR8725Emulsion O-ring Set (4x cap seals, 8x emulsion o-rings, for 16mm shocks)