Tekno RC International Dealer Spotlight August 2016:

  • NameRPRC Distribution
  • Owner/Manager: Matt Bridge / Daniel Austin
  • LocationDerbyshire, UK
  • Favorite Tekno RC productTKR1115 Pivot Ball and Shock Multi Tool

It was apparent after talking with Matt and Dan that were the right people for the job. We could immediately see their dedication and enthusiasm for RC and RPRC Distribution was added in September 2015 to distribute the Tekno RC brand across England, Scotland and Wales.

Matt and Dan are both experienced racers (too many years between them to mention!) and have worked non-stop promoting the brand across the UK through their dealer network and trackside at the BRCA Truggy and eBuggy nationals, AWS series and Nitro-x.

Dan “Tekno Man” Austin, always helpful at the track!

During 2016 the RPRC team has grown significantly by simply getting the product “out there”. Racers get to experience the support available to them, increasing awareness of what Tekno RC is all about.

With multiple wins and great national results the team is doing extremely well and looking forward to more success in 2016/17 !

Shout outs to the team drivers who are racing the Tekno RC brand with RPRC distribution; The Mighty Team KirkCarlo De MarcoMichael LightfootNeil Bent, Steven Bond, Rich MetcalfeSteve Alcock, Martin ConnollyBen and Jerry DoyleChris LongNigel Morris and of course their dealers that have been brilliant!

“The Mighty” Team Kirk

Matt Bridge says “ We are standing 100% behind the Tekno RC brand as we believe it to be one of the most competitive and durable packages available to our customers. We believe in full trackside support and being there with spares and knowledge to ensure our customers have the best experience possible from us and TeknoRC.

Our website has live stock levels and we pride ourselves on speed and quality of service with same day shipping and next day delivery to both direct and trade customers”

RPRC distribution’s web shop. Full stocked!

RPRC Distribution was established in 2014 on the back of the longstanding RacePaceRC shop and is growing fast. Keep an eye out for news on their new premises coming later this year and lets just say some other exciting developments! ?