New Tall Spring Perch Set From Tekno RC

We are pleased to announce our new Locking Shock Rod End and Tall Spring Perch Set.

Feel confident your vehicle’s suspension will remain consistent over long mains with our new extended length spring perch. These locking shock spring perches follow design queues of TKR6140 with one change, the shock perch has been lengthened. The tall spring perch helps prevent the shock spring from unseating and also prolongs the shock boot lifespan. The shock boot is now protected inside the spring perch and prevented from touching the moving spring.

TKR6140B includes 4ea shock rod ends, 4ea tall spring perches, 4ea 10mm set screws and is compatible with all generations of the SCT410, EN48, ET48, NB48, NT48 and EB48SL vehicles.

Product link:  TKR6140B – Locking Shock Rod End and Tall Spring Perch Set (revised, 16mm shocks)


New SCT410 Bumper with Skid Plate From Tekno RC

Back by popular demand, the front skid plate has returned to the SCT410 bumper!

This change brings increased durability and chassis protection to the front of your truck. For those that would prefer the added ground clearance, the skid can be easily removed.

It is fully compatible with all generations of the SCT410 and requires one TKR1522 (M3x8mm cap head screw) and two TKR1346 (M4x15mm Flat Head Screw).

Product link:  TKR5518C – Front Bumper Set (SCT410, revised w/ skid)