The 2022 Southern Nationals Race Report

Check out the Tekno RC Team Results from the 2022 Southern Nationals! #TeknoTakeover

Pro Buggy: 3rd Jared Tebo, 4th Seth VanDalen

Etruggy: 1st Tyler Hooks, 3rd Patrick Rossiter, 4th Smiley Henn

Intermediate Buggy: 3rd Graham Hill

Intermediate Ebuggy: 3rd Thomas Hinton

40+ Buggy: 5th Aaron Royston

40+ Ebuggy: 3rd John Bernard Jr., 5th Aaron Royston

Sportsman Buggy: 1st Kaden Karlstad

Sportsman Truggy: 1st Evan Santa Maria (Privateer), 5th Will Campbell (Privateer)

Sportsman Ebuggy: 2nd Ben Hardy (Privateer), 3rd Brad Langley (Privateer), 4th Tyler Wiggins (Privateer)