Tekno RC Big Bone Center Driveshaft For HOSS And Rustler 4X4!

Tekno RC is happy to announce the Big Bone Center Driveshaft for HOSS and Rustler 4×4 Vehicles. Please read below for more information about our latest products.

The Tekno RC Big Bone Driveshaft and Outdrives for the HOSS and Rustler 4×4 solve the many issues associated with the stock center driveline.  First off it’s FAT yet still extremely lightweight.

It’s a dog bone rather than a simple splined shaft and as such will not bind, split, or bend the way the stock shaft does.  The laser-etched shaft is machined from high-quality aluminum and anodized for incredible wear.  Hardened steel outdrives on either end replace the weaker stock parts for the ultimate center driveline available for the HOSS and Rustler 4×4 vehicles.

So yeah, it’s a ‘must have’ for any racer or basher.  Another rock-solid upgrade from Tekno RC!


  • FAT, Big Bone shaft is much stronger than stock
  • Dog bone design will not bind, split, or bend like the stock unit
  • Lightweight aluminum shaft, hardened steel outdrives
  • Laser-etched and black anodized for wear

Big Bone Center Shaft Parts List

TKR6765 – Big Bone Center Driveshaft and Outdrives (HOSS, Rustler 4×4)
TKR67653 – Big Bone Center Driveshaft (HOSS, Rustler 4×4, shaft only)
TKR68552 – Big Bone Center Outdrive (front, Slash/Stampede 4×4)
TKR68551 – Big Bone Center Outdrive (rear, Slash/Stampede 4×4)