2020 Southern Nationals Team Report

Pro Buggy:
We were able to put 5 buggies in the pro buggy main with Jared Tebo 2nd, Seth VanDalen 6th, Joe Bornhorst 9th, Tyler Hooks 11th, and Jared Wiggins 14th.

Pro Truggy:
In pro truggy 4/18 were Teknos with Jared Tebo 3rd, Seth VanDalen 4th, Joe Bornhorst 10th, and Joey Bourdon 11th.

Pro Ebuggy:
Finally in Pro Ebuggy 1/3rd of the cars were Tekno with Joe Bornhorst 4th, Jared Tebo 6th, Tyler Hooks 9th, Seth VanDalen 11th, Jared Wiggins 12th, and Joey Bourdon 16th

1st Jared Wiggins, 2nd David Olson, 8th Mark Santa Maria, 10th James Titus, 18th Braden Bruce

Intermediate Buggy:
David Olson 2nd, Braxten Culley 4th, Alex Vaughn 5th (Privateer), and Thomas Hinton 12th

Intermediate Ebuggy:
Braxten Culley 2nd, David Olson 6th,  Thomas Hinton 12th, and Calvin Bruce 15th

Intermediate Truggy:
2nd Aaron Royston, 10th Santos Rodriguez, 15th David Olson, and 18th Pablo Tejada

40+ Buggy:
2nd Aaron Royston and 4th Santos Rodriguez

40+ Ebuggy:
1st Aaron Royston, 9th Steve Alison (Privateer), and 14th Tony Roney (Privateer)

Sportsman Buggy:
2nd Colt Preston (Privateer) 5th Shawn Alcorn (Privateer) and 8th Braden Bruce (Privateer)

Sportsman Truggy:
6th Jim Clark (Privateer), 9th Tony Teer (Privateer), 12th Alex Williamson (Privateer), and 14th Colt Preston (Privateer)

Sportsman Ebuggy:
3rd Colt Preston (Privateer), 12th Walter Vining (Privateer)