Tekno RC Team Report Week 38

A very successful week for team drivers in France, China, Netherlands and USA with Alexandre Crave, Jonathan Yeung, Rajco van der Sluijs, Dave Hemenway, Dean Rock, Mason Eppley, Keith Hadley and Tyler Hooks winning the races they attended. A report from each race follows:

Ligue 6 Race (FR), report by Alexandre Cravé:

“Due to the very difficult conditions and a wet track during qualifying things didn’t go as expected so I had to settle for the 4th overall qualifier. Due to a small mistake in A1, I was not able to perform as expected so I had to do my best for A2 and A3. Fortunately, after some work on my car and myself, I was able to comfortably win both A2 and A3 and get the overall win of the race. My Tekno EB48.4 performed flawlessly one more time!”

Overall results:

1st: Alexandre Cravé  – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Meyer Marc

3rd: Cros Olivier

James Racing Cup (CN), report by Carson Yeung:

“Racers from Taiwan, mainland China and Hong Kong joined this race for 1/8 Electric Buggy and 1/8 Nitro Buggy classes. All racers were required to use controlled tires (James) for this race. The weather was unstable on Sunday which was the race day, heavy rain for about 20min during Q3 and the track conditions suddenly changed to muddy conditions. Jonathan performed very well in Q3 EP buggy class under the changing conditions and got the overall TQ in the class.

In nitro buggy class he performed very well and entered the A-Main final in #3 position. In the A-Main finals, Jonathan won all 3 rounds in Electric Buggy class and received the Champion title. Tekno Electric Buggy also dominated the Electric buggy class for P1,2,3 &4 in the A-Main final ! In Nitro buggy class, Jonathan suffered from rapid weather conditions changing and flamed out when race clock started. After engine restarted, he had to chase car by car from the last place for the 45min final, finishing in 3rd place in this race.”

Overall results:

TQ/1st: Jonathan Yeung – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Leung – Tekno EB48.4

3rd: Big Snake – Tekno EB48.4

Columbia Cup/NCT Round 6 (US), report by Keith Hadley:

“This weekend was the final round of the Northwest Championship Tour. Nearly 300 entries from across the Northwest made for a long but exciting weekend. I raced Expert E-Buggy and Nitro Buggy.

I qualified great with a TQ in E-Buggy and 3rd in Nitro. In E-Buggy I won A1, but made a ton of mistakes in A2 and finished 3rd. A3 decided it all and I was able to drive mistake free and take the win for the overall! In Nitro, I had a great start but got tangled with the leader and fell back to 6th. I worked back up to 2nd and had an epic battle with my good friend Austin Azure and I was able to edge him out and take the win!

Overall for the series I won Expert E-Buggy with a clean sweep of 6 TQ’s and 6 Wins! I also won Nitro buggy overall! Great year and can’t thank the guys at Tekno enough for the amazing cars and support!”

Overall results:

Nitro Buggy:

1st: Keith Hadley – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Austin Azure

3rd: Brady Jansen

E – Buggy:

1st: Keith Hadley – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Tyler Martel

3rd: Derek Rasheed

Dutch Nationals Round 6 (NL), report by John van der Sluijs:

“Rajco van der Sluijs was able to win once again, this time the 6th round of the Dutch National Championship Buggy & Truggy Cup Benelux which was held on the beautiful track of RC Club Euregio. Unfortunately, the track was very slippery due to the rain that has fallen the day before; typical Dutch weather, so we were searching for the right tires, and for a good setup to get grip. Normally we would use the Schumacher Spirals, but they did not work and made the car very unpredictable so we opted for the Minipins Silver with a soft insert which was proven to be a good choice. Rajco van der Sluijs finished 3 times in a row 2nd in the place during the Qualifications but the car was not fast enough so we had to do some more setup changes.

Starting pole in the 1 / 2B final, the car was slightly better and after an exciting 20 minutes of racing, Rajco van der Sluijs finished in the first position. Preparing for the main final, we would start from the second position, it was a very good start and Sander van Genechten (no1) and Rajco were driving quickly away from the rest of the drivers.
It was a close race between Sander and Rajco, but during Sander’s first pitstop, it was Rajco who was running one more lap and could take advantage of this lead. During the second pitstop, Rajco made a big mistake as he forgot I called him to come into the pitlane………,fingers crossed ?Did he still have enough fuel left to make one more round ???
Fortunately, he came in and after a very fast Pitstop (Thanks Yvonne?), and the gap between Sander and Rajco became a lot bigger.
The rest of the race ran smoothly, very fast and with no mistakes….finished in a well-deserved first place.??”

Overall results:

1st: Rajco van der Sluijs – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Sander van Genechten

3rd: Colin Meijer

Stateline Nationals (US), report by Mason Eppley:

“I would make the four-hour drive down to Reno, Nevada for their first annual Whip-It RC Stateline Nationals. I’d be mainly running the new Tekno eb410 buggy. The track would be unlike most 1/10 tracks I’m used to, it would be bumpy with traction fluctuating. I spent most of Friday getting the buggy good and where I wanted it to be. For qualifying, I would have a good first-round grabbing the TQ, for the last two rounds I would have some issues and would end up tying for the TQ. Unfortunately, I would lose the tie-breaker and start second for the main. We would run a single six-minute main and I made the pass for the lead pretty early on during the race and never looked back, almost lapping the field towards the end. I couldn’t be more happy with the new EB410, definitely capable on all surfaces! Big thanks to my sponsors for the continued support!”

Overall results:

1st: Mason Eppley  – Tekno EB410

2nd: Kyle Layton

3rd: Sy Bruch

“This past weekend my family and I attended Round #7 of the Electric JBRL Series held in beautiful Camarillo, California. Jimmy Babcock was once again the man behind the mic, while Bill Robertson and Giti Gowland were in charge of keeping the dry high bite surface super clean all weekend. My family and I arrived Friday night and were able to get plenty of time on the track in preparation of Saturday. The next morning I only did one practice run and called it good for the first round of qualifying came. At this event there was only 7 Electric Buggy’s, but there were a few heavy hitters! In the first round of qualifying I was able to grab the TQ position by around 10 seconds. After the first round of qualifying I decided to stay on SLW Double Downs and leave the setup in the car. As the 2nd round came around I had a few mistakes in my heat which put me 2nd for the round, but luckily I had a faster time in the first round which automatically put me first on the grid in the A main!

The main event was a total of ten minutes long, which seemed like an eternity after having a great battle with Chris Nelson and Cole Jenson. Although at the end of the day I was able to take the win with my awesome EB48.4! I would like to thank Tekno RC for the great vehicles, and AKA Tires for the consistent traction! Most importantly though I would like to thank my parents for supporting me all the way!”

Overall results:

TQ/1st: Dean Rock – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Cole Jenson

3rd: Mike Allen

2017 East Coast Race Against Cancer (US), report by Dave Hemenway:

“The East Coast Race Against Cancer is an amazing event in so many ways! The competition level was great, with everybody having somebody near them to battle. The cause is great, with over $14,000 raised for the American Cancer Society. The track is great, as it has both traction and develops character but doesn’t blow out or eat tires. The facility was great, as LCRC is no stranger to hosting large events and having everything run smoothly, including on-site camping. Tekno would be represented incredibly well at this event, with Ryan Lutz and Joe Bornhorst winning the 8th scale classes they competed in, me winning 4wd SC, the Tekno raffle vehicle raising the most charity money, and plenty of team drivers and owners doing well and having fun.

In 4wd SC I would TQ all 3 rounds of qualifying. After trading places with the others on the podium a few times during the race while making mistakes, and some good close battles, I’d take home the win in the end after jumping from 3rd to first going up the 6 pack rhythm section.

Special thanks to: Tekno RC for the amazingly durable and performant vehicles, SMC for the consistently great power, Sanwa for the reliable and responsive control, the whole LCRC and Race Against Cancer crews for making this race possible, my wife for joining me and supporting this racing passion of mine, and of course Jesus Christ for saving me and making me a better person than I otherwise would be.”

Overall results:

TQ/1st: Dave Hemenway – Tekno SCT410.3

2nd: Anthony Robles

3rd: Darius Royer

Cajun Classic (US), report by Tyler Hooks:

“This past weekend I made the solo trip to Louisiana to meet up with Tyler Keel and Trevor Nault for the Cajun Classic 2017. Was able to take the TQ and 2nd in 2wd Mod. I also was able to take the TQ and win in 4wd Mod for the maiden voyage of the Tekno RC EB410! Big thanks to Doug Hooks, Tiffany Jeffries and my sponsors.

Overall results:

TQ/1st: Tyler Hooks – Tekno EB410

2nd: Landen Lewis

3rd: Trevor Nault