“Factory” Interviews: Ryan Lutz

By Tyler Hooks

When it comes down to interviews with some of the biggest names out there, the standard questions just aren’t going to cut it. We all know what cars Ryan and Joe run, which tires and motors they prefer, but it’s time to dig into some things we don’t know. 

TH: Do you have a job or compensated activity that you do outside of the RC industry?

RL: For the last 12 years that answer would be no. I’ve been able to turn my hobby into a full-time career for over a decade now.

TH: Do you have kids? How has that affected or changed your life?

RL: I have 3 kids with number four on the way. Having children has been a wonderful experience. Having a growing family who we are raising for the Lord makes life so fulfilling. Regarding R/C, I’m no longer able to do my seven weeks in a row of racing and practice is very limited. But at this point, I rely much more on the “riding a bike” mantra, and the help from the team on set-ups and such.

Things can get busy with three kids in the house!

TH: What was the most epic date idea you have come up with and executed?

RL: I’m not a very big idea guy, but I’ll actually say it was a last minute type idea. I was home (Ohio) for Christmas and my then Girlfriend was in Vegas with her family. I invited her to come to Ohio to spend Christmas with me and she said yes. So I booked her a flight for the next day and on Christmas morning asked her to marry me.

We would imagine that something similar happened in Ryan’s case.. ?

TH: What is your favorite sport or hobby to watch or follow, and how serious of a fan are you?

RL: I would say Cleveland Indians baseball. I’ve been a fan all my life and remember the ’95 and ’97 teams that were so close to the World Series. I’ve still followed them through my decade of being in California and now that I’m back in Ohio they are doing awesome these past two years! I love watching good pitching as it’s something I always wished I could be.

Baseball and Cleveland Indians!

TH: You have a free vacation/trip voucher for you and your significant other, where are you going?

RL: Probably Bora Bora in an overwater Bungalow. We’ve been looking into it!  ?

Not too bad Ryan….

TH: This is a Tekno RC interview, so what has been your favorite part or aspect of being a Tekno RC Factory Driver?

RL: The team atmosphere has to be the best. Everyone is helpful and is willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. It’s laid back and we have fun and enjoy the hobby aspect of R/C!

TH: Big thank you from everyone at Tekno for taking the time to fill this out, anyone you would like to thank?

RL: I’d like to thank Daniel Lewis and Matt Wolter for head hunting me a few years back and giving me this opportunity to be a part of this great program and team they have assembled.