Tekno RC Team Report Week 24, 2017

New week, more wins! Tekno RC team drivers Danny Bartholomew, Dave Hemenway, Boy Witsarut, Ricardo Monteiro, Alex Crave and Rajco van der Sluijs showcase the performance and reliability of our vehicles with winning races in USA, Thailand, Portugal, France and Germany! Report from each race follows:

Distrital de Leiria race (PT), report by Ricardo Monteiro:

“Great weekend racing the track of Ortigosa in Leiria. It was a good practice for the upcoming Portuguese Cup race as well as the last round of Nationals this year.
I Got to know how the NB48.4 worked around the high-speed high traction conditions, giving me a fast and stable car throughout the race, while the Reds Vegas accompanied by the Hot Race Amazzonia Mediums gave me the speed and grip that I needed to get the overall win of the race by a large margin!

Time to keep working and wait for the Cup in a few weeks time :)”


Overall results:

TQ/1st: Ricardo Monteiro – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Carlos Fonseca

3rd: José Duarte

LRT Summer Series Round 2 (US), report by Danny Bartholomew:

“LRT Raceway hosted the 2nd round of their summer series on June 10th. Racers from Illinois, Wisconsin and all over Iowa attended. A pop-up thunderstorm Friday evening washed out practice on Friday and we would start with a fairly loose track Saturday morning as the rain loosened the surface. 2 rounds of qualifying rocket round style kicked off shortly after Noon, Tekno cars were working awesome throughout the field. I ended up getting TQ in Nitro Buggy by .1 sec over Team Associated’s Tony Bacon and qualified 2nd behind teammate Mike Murphy Jr. in Electric Buggy.

The Nitro main started off good but I made a mistake on my own on lap 3 and lap 4 had another long marshal. I found myself quickly back up to 3rd but a way off of 1st and 2nd. My car was really good and I knew if I put in clean laps I could get back in it. Seemed like I chased forever but got back to the lead in around lap 13, after that it was pretty clean sailing. E-Buggy was a great race as we started out in order and I stalked teammate Mike Murphy for the first half of the race, our pace was really fast but I felt I had even more in the tank so I just waited for an opportunity to pass. Mike had a couple wide corners right at the 1/2 way point and I was able to get by and drive mistake free to the end! Tekno NB48.4 and EB48.4 took 4 of top 5 spots in nitro and electric buggy!”


Overall results:

Nitro Buggy:

TQ/1st: Danny Bartholomew-Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Tony Bacon

3rd: Justin Christensen – Tekno NB48.4

Electric Buggy:

1st: Danny Bartholomew – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Mike Murphy Jr – Tekno EB48.4

3rd: Tony Bacon

Dutch Buggy & Truggycup (DE), report by Rajco van der Sluijs:

“Saturday practice on the beautiful Clay track of Stoppelhopser Oberhausen (Germany). NB48.4 performed great and everything was ready for the qualifications on Sunday morning.

Qualifying went well, and I was placed in the 1/2 semi…after 20 minutes racing, I ended in first place.. so up to the final.

Started final starting from the second position, directly after the start the leader made a little mistake and I got the lead and finished first after 30 minutes of racing.”


Overall results:

TQ/1st: Rajco van der Sluijs – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Jordy Velder

3rd: Sander van Genechten

Southern Buggy Challenge 2017 (TH), report by Boy Witsarut:

“This past weekend I attended Southern Buggy Challenge round 2 in Phuket, a two-day race. This is the main event of the Thai South Regional Championship so we arrived on Friday, the first thing I did is check the track which proved to be medium size, high speed and low traction so the right setup and tires would be critical on this demanding track.

I raced my NB48.4 Nitro buggy, we had 3 qualifying rounds on Saturday and two qualifying round on Sunday which went great as I was able to get the overall TQ for the race. In the 45 minute final after quite a few position changes, I was able to cross the line first and get the win. My NB48.4 performed flawlessly!”


Overall results:

TQ/1st: Boy Witsarut – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Tanit

3rd: Jonas

Off Road Madness 2017 race (US), report by Dave Hemenway:

“Off-Road Madness was a great race, bringing several local pros out to RC Madness in Enfield, CT to run on their new track layout. It was a fun event and a nice layout with a couple spots that had a large amount of “character” that I enjoyed the challenge of. It also happened to be during a small heat wave, so track surface was dusty, dry, and 94°F, breaking out the long wear and X2 compounds. I pulled out the win with the ET48.3 after starting 2nd on the grid and having a great 3 way battle for a good portion of the race and then with fellow Tekno owner Mark Forsberg, who would finish 2nd for a Tekno 1-2.

I would also get myself into podium battles with both the SCT410.3 and EB48.4, but a couple mistakes led to a series of unfortunate events that would keep me off of the podium in each, despite the EB48.4 being so incredibly dialed in and having podium lap times. Special thanks to Tekno RC for the performant and durable vehicles, SMC for the great power, my wife for encouraging me to enjoy my passion, and for Jesus Christ for saving me and making me who I am.”


Overall results:

1st: Dave Hemenway – Tekno ET48.3

2nd: Mark Forsberg

3rd: Matt McCready

TTRC90 Challenge Round 3 (FR), report by Alex Cravé

“The 3rd round of TTRC90 challenge was held this past Sunday at Bermont, my EB48.4 performed flawlessly during the race allowing me to get the overall TQ and win of the race! One thing worth mentioning is that I am using the same setup in the last 5 races with only some fine tuning, pricing how well balanced my EB48.4 is!”


Overall results:

TQ/1st: Alex Cravé – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Genty Jeremie

3rd: Gaiffe Joseph