Tekno RC Team Report Week 23, 2017

One more week full of wins around the world! Tekno RC team drivers Gerhard du Toit, Akshay Patel, Marco Retter, Mike Legue, Ken Rand, Julian Andre, JB Forveille and Orlando Lebron managed to top the podiums in NamibiaSouth Africa, USA, BelgiumFrance and Puerto Rico, great job everyone! Report from each race follows: 

Western Cape 1/8th Off-road Regional Series (SA), report by Akshay Patel:

“The 6th race of the local 2017 Western Cape series was held this past Sunday. Race day brought with it some chilly winter conditions which would prevail throughout the day however the track itself changed considerably. The rain from the night before meant a very wet and muddy track for the first few rounds of qualifying, however, the track then progressed to become dry, loose and bumpy by the afternoon mains.

All qualifying rounds saw some fantastically close racing from many drivers and my NB48.4 and EB48.4 were pretty hooked up as I managed to secure both TQ’s. I also managed to secure the Ebuggy win in finals which again saw some excellent racing.

Special mention to Marco Retter who was able to win the Nitro Buggy class with his NB48.4!

Overall it was a great event and I eagerly await the next one!”


Overall results:


TQ/1st: Akshay Patel  – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Neville Menezes

3rd: Charl Esterhuizen


Nitro Buggy:

1st: Marco Retter – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Neville Menezes

TQ/3rd: Akshay Patel  – Tekno NB48.4

Michigan State Championship Series Round 1 (US), report by Mike Legue:

“This weekend was the first round of the annual Michigan State Championship Series. Practice Friday went excellent. My cars have been on point lately and with the Nitro Nats two weeks away, this would be my last real hurrah and practice for it. Qualifying went ok. Nitro buggy I had a flame out in round 1, round 2 was a bit rough with traffic placing me 6th overall, and round 3 went great placing me 3rd overall. The 30 min main was a hard fought battle down to the wire with TLR driver Charlie Maiorana with myself taking the win!

In Nitro Truggy, I would end up taking the TQ in all 3 rounds. The main went just like qualifying with me leading the race wire to wire, putting several laps on the field! I did have a great battle going with George Berridge for the first 20 minutes until he ended up breaking out. Overall awesome weekend for myself and team Tekno!”


Overall results:

Nitro Truggy:

TQ/1st: Mike Legue – Tekno NT48.3

2nd: Larry Komisair

3rd: Brian Borle

Nitro Buggy:

1st: Mike Legue – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Charlie Maiorana

3rd: Brian Borle

Namibian Nationals Round 2 (NM), report by Gerhard du Toit:

“Took a 4-hour bus drive to The Dirt Farm in Windhoek, Namibia. Saturday morning practice went decent and engines were easily tuned at the high elevation and hot temps. The track had no grip and was very dusty. As the day progressed I had no other option but to be smooth and consistent, a mistake could easily cost me a position. Despite some stupid mistakes in Nitro Truggy, Nitro Buggy and Ebuggy I managed to qualify second in all of them for the start of the Final.

In Nitro Buggy I was in the lead for the first half of the Final, my tires had become bald which set me back after 2 mistakes. E-buggy my tires were bald too but managed to take it easy and end it off with a 3rd overall.
Nitro Truggy (NT48.3) felt great from the start, the Emulsion shocks were phenomenal, I got caught up in the start of the Final which out me 4th, I would work my way up and at the half way mark I took the lead ending it with the win by 2 laps.

Big thanks to Loffie van der Merwe and his wife for having me there and Henner Rusch for the help in the pits!

Thank you Tekno RC for these fantastic products!”


Overall results:

1st: Gerhard du Toit – Tekno NT48.3

2nd: Mark Root

3rd: Loffie van der Merwe

  TFORT Series round 3 (BE), report by Julian Andre:

“Trans Frontalière Off Road Trophy (TFORT) Round 3 was held at the BRT track in Bauffe, Belgium this past weekend. After some early morning practice, it was time for qualifying and I was able to secure the overall TQ with 3 Tekno RC cars in the A-main in 3rd and 9th place.

I managed to win the A1 and get second place in A2, as the track developed some character I made some setup changes for A3 giving me the win of the round as well as the overall win after a great fight with Julien Remacle.

Thanks to BRTC for organizing this race as well as Tekno RC, Wartelle Modelisme and Raphaël Robert for their help!”


Overall results:

TQ/1st: Julian Andre – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Julien Remacle

3rd: David Danneaux – Tekno EB48.4

Super 7 Points series race (US), report by Ken Rand:

“Had a good time at thunder alley in Wilson, NC for their points series race. I took a little time off racing to get some things done around the house and family time so it was good to be back. My tekno .4 nitro and ebuggy worked great and were easy to drive in the dusty conditions. I took 1st in E-Buggy and 3rd in nitro even with a flameout. Something was wrong with the fuel tank I believe causing the engine to sputter and break up kinda like 125 MX bike with a broken reed valve. Ill get it figured out for next time ?. Thanks Tekno, jconcepts, Hobbywing NA, nitro pro, picco and advantage racing products for the support!”


Overall results:

TQ/1st: Ken Rand – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Kevin Thomas

3rd: Scott Thomas

Fajardo Nationals (PR), report by Orlando Lebron:

“This weekend was Fajardo RC Nationals in Puerto Rico, this yearly event brings great racers around the Island. I raced two nitro classes, 1/8 Nitro Buggy and 1/8 Nitro Truck.

I ran 1/8 Truck class for the first time in almost a year and it felt strange, but after a couple of laps I was getting the feel for it. In the first qualifier, I had good pace but had a flame out, in the second qualifier the truck felt great but mistakes kept me out of TQ pace and qualified 4th into the 30min A-Main.

In the A-Main I had a rough start but after 3-4 minutes gain the lead and never look back and turn cruise control to win the race by 1 lap.

In Nitro buggy the car was fast I was trying some new setup up my car it felt great was able to do a top 5 run in Q1 in. In Q2 I made a few mistakes that kept me out of pace and qualified 6th in the 30Min A-Main.  Had a good start and the car felt consistent at first but then it felt weird, plus a flame out in the pits put me out of contention.

Now to rebuilt my nitro cars for ROAR Nats in two weeks.”


Overall results:

1st: Orlando Lebron – Tekno NT48.3

2nd: Rodney Hernandez

3rd: Hector Matos

Marigny (ligue18) Regional Championship Round 3 (FR), report by JB Forveille:

“Marigny (League 18) Regional Championship Round 3 was held this past weekend at the Marigny track. My NB48.4 performed flawlessly and was easy to drive yet really fast, making it possible for me to get the overall TQ, win my semi final and also take the overall win! “


Overall results:

TQ/1st: JB Forveille – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Lucas Lallemand

3rd: Franck Nikoleizak