Tekno RC Team Report Week 21-22, 2017

A few more successful weeks with wins around the world! Tekno RC team drivers Mason Eppley, Andy Pokorney, Keith Hadley, Mike MurphyAlex ZanchettinGiacomo PieriniOrlando Lebron, Jerome Marrero, Javier Rivera, Jorge Zamora managed to win races in USA, Italy, Puerto Rico and Bolivia making this one of the most successful race reports ever! Report from each race follows:

2017 “Cibus Race” (IT), report by Alex Zanchettin:

“Had a great time at the “Cibus Race 2017” at the amazing track of Alseno(PC). The track was prepared with sugar so the grip levels were super high from the beginning. This is also the first time that I run with high weather temperatures with the cars, and they felt awesome.

I was able to TQ both Nitro and eBuggy classes, in eBuggy I won A1 and A2 so I took the overall win of the race. My EB48.4 was super fast from the beginning, I only changed the shock springs, running with yellow-red springs.
In Nitro class I did the same changes I did on e-Buggy and for the long run, I decided put use thicker shock oils. The car worked really well, but unfortunately I had an issue during the first pit stop so I ended in 4th.

Anyway I’m happy because we did a lot of tests for the Italian Job Race and the last round of Italian Nats of late summer.”


Overall results:

TQ/1st: Alex Zanchettin – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Riccardo Berton

3rd: Lini Ivan

Memorial Day Shootout (US), report by Mason Eppley:

“This Last weekend I attended the annual Memorial Day Shootout held at CVR Raceway in Madera California. I arrived at the track late Friday evening for some practice before we would get into qualifying/racing on Saturday. I was only running pro nitro buggy so that meant I could focus more on setup rather than track time. I ended up only making a couple changes to my car before I felt super comfortable with it going into Saturday morning. We would run 2 rounds of qualifying with a 30-minute A-main. I felt confident in both myself and my buggy going into the first round. I would have a decent run making only 1 mistake, but luckily it was still fast enough for the TQ. In the second round, I would have another solid run once again taking TQ, my car was phenomenal and felt solid going into the main event.

For the main I would make a risky tire selection thinking they would water the track before the main, I was wrong. I chose a very soft tire compound and then realized the track would be ran completely dry. I had no choice but to run what was on my car. I started off the main flawless not making a single mistake all the way to the 15-minute mark, I had stretched the gap to 15 seconds. Around the 20-minute mark I could feel my tires were pretty much bald, I was able to limp the rest of the way to take the win. Even with the dry track conditions, my M3 Holeshots were dialed even with them having no tread the last 10-minutes! A big thanks to everyone who helped me over the weekend as well to my sponsors for everything, my Tekno NB48.4 was amazing!”


Overall results:

TQ/1st: Mason Eppley – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Ryan Kenney

3rd: Kyle Turner – Tekno NB48.4

La Paz Regional Championship (BO), report by Javier Rivera:

“The weekend of May 20-21 the second round of the La Paz Regional Championship was held, while qualifying didn’t go as expected I ended up 6th. We ran two final rounds where I was able to take the win in A1 and finish second in A2, getting the overall win!

The track was in very good shape which allowed to have an excellent grip; it was a very fast track and fun to drive on. My TEKNO SC410 was very easy to drive during both rounds allowing me to take the win; it was a very exciting race.

In the Nitro buggy class, Tekno RC fellow team driver Jorge Zamora was able to take the win with Daniel González in second and me in third, which made it a great race for Tekno RC!


Overall results:

Pro4 SCT:

1st: Javier Rivera – Tekno SCT410.3

2nd: Marco Castellon

3rd: Daniel Gonzales

Nitro Buggy:

1st: Jorge Zamora Ortiz – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Daniel González

3rd: Javier Rivera – Tekno NB48.4

SOR Championship Round 3 (PR), report by Orlando Lebron:

“This past weekend was held the Puerto Rico National Championship SOR Round 3 and the weather was great; temps were in the low 90s. I raced my usual classes Nitro Buggy and E-Buggy

Practice went really well cars were feeling great and fast, in the first round of qualifiers in E-Buggy my servo went bad. In the second round the pressure was on and was able to complete a great run giving me overall TQ for the event. In the A-Mains my car was dialed. Went on to win A1 and A2 clinching 1st place overall. In Nitro, I also had outstanding performance qualifying 3rd and finnished 2nd in the 30min Amain.

In Nitro Truggy class Tekno RC Team driver Jerome Marrero was able to get the overall TQ and win by four laps with his NT48.3, making it a great weekend for Tekno RC!”


Overall results:

Electric Buggy:

TQ/1st: Orlando Lebron – EB48.4

2nd: Jose Colon

3rd: Eliud Hernandez


Nitro Truggy:

TQ/1st: Jerome Marrero

2nd: Yan Mercado

3rd: Runny Hernandes

Trofeo Kyosho (IT), report by Giacomo Pierini:

“Trofeo Kyosho was held on the weekend of May 13-14 at Nitropark Pietrasanta track, about 60 drivers were present for the event. After the first unofficial practice my EB48.4 felt great so no setup changes were needed. Qualifying went well with me being second overall, I was able to win A1 and A2 getting the overall win of this difficult race! “


Overall results:

1st: Giacomo Pierini – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Andrea Cerbai

3rd: Luca Lotti

31st Annual Hank Perry 240 Race (US), report by Keith Hadley:

“ This past weekend drivers from all over the Pacific Northwest met in Spokane, WA for Round #2 of the Northwest Championship Tour. 340 entries made for a long and very fun weekend. I raced in Expert E-buggy and Nitro Buggy.

My Tekno rides were dialed all weekend as I made small changes to adapt to the abrasive and grippy track surface. I took TQ in Q1 and Q2 in E-buggy for overall TQ. In Nitro buggy I qualified 2nd on the grid for the 30 minute final.

My EB48.4 was on rails on Sunday and I won A1 and A2 for the win! In nitro I had a flameout on the first turn and fell back a full lap. I put my head down and ran clean laps and managed to finish 2nd! Great weekend, can’t thank Tekno enough for the amazing equipment!”


E-Buggy Overall results:

TQ/1st: Keith Hadley – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Jonathan Cantrell

3rd: Jackson Andreas


Thunder Road Summer Series Round 2 (US), report by Mike Murphy:

“For the second round of the Thunder Road Summer Series, we had over a half inch of rain fall on the fresh layout the day before the race. This made for some tricky track conditions. It was very tacky and rough.

Throughout qualifying I made some adjustments to make my NB48.4 easier to drive. I added some camber, raised the rear roll center, went up to a 2.5 rear sway bar and went to the 3 hole Pistons to soak up the bumps. I started 2nd in the 30 minute main and fell back early after a few mistakes. But by the halfway point I had worked my way back to the lead pack and engaged in a fierce battle with Tony Bacon for the lead. After swapping the lead back and forth a half dozen times, I was able to put in some great laps in the last few minutes and pull away for the win. I definitely did not drive up to my potential, but my NB48.4 was awesome and able to pick up my slack. Thanks to Tekno RC for the continued support and building a bullet proof car to handle the most demanding track conditions!”


Overall results:

1st: Mike Murphy – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Tony Bacon

3rd: Mason Perillo

31st Annual Hank Perry 240 Race (US), report byAndy Pokorney:

“Round #2 of the NCT series was last weekend with around 340 entries. Justin Wilde did a great job as announcer keeping everything running smoothly. It was 3 long days of racing and the RCCCS crew did a great job keeping the track in shape.

Practice went smoothly for me wearing out 3 sets of tires on the super abrasive surface. My Tekno ET48.3 was dialed made ride height change and that’s it! Qualifying day track was super edgy cornering on 2 wheels, I would set TQ in rounds 1 and 3

Mains: Starting out front I was able to avoid the first corner crash, but lap traffic would make my race interesting allowing my Tekno teammate Ben Evans to catch up and challenge me but a mistake from him would give me the win in A1 and A2

Tekno swept the podium with my teammates Ben Evans in 2nd and Sam Maahs in 3rd #TeknoTakeover”


Overall results:

TQ/1st: Andy Pokorney – Tekno ET48.3

2nd: Ben Evans – Tekno ET48.3

3rd: Sam Maahs – Tekno ET48.3