Tales From The Team: Sean and Seth VanDalen

In the RC industry, December tends to be the time drivers are weighing their options and we thought it might be good to help anyone wondering, Why Tekno?


“It’s almost been a year since Eric Fletcher our, Regional Team Manager, asked Seth and me that very question. We were very new to the team, and I remember saying, ‘team support and quality vehicles.’  That weekend Seth debuted his new Tekno rides by competing at the world class facility, the Omaha Hobby Plex. He would enter all the classes offered at the Tekno Winter Series race. 4WD SCT, E-Buggy, Nitro Buggy and Nitro Truggy. He would go on to TQ all 4 and win 3 out of 4 mains. The truggy main we had the motor mount screws come loose. My fault as his mechanic and I learned from that race. 


Final Podium at the Tekno Winter Series Hosted by the Hobbyplex.

After 14 larger regional races from Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin,  From Missouri to Indiana to the Roar Nationals we have finished every main we entered. Not without a little excitement or qualifying mishaps, but honestly every main. Along the way winning State Championships and earning podium spots while standing in the company of some of the fastest in the region and even a few top pros. 

Seth’s NB48.3 at the ROAR Fuel Nats in Hutto, Texas.

Now ask us again, “Why Tekno?  Tekno has it all!

  • Quality, reasonably priced vehicles.
  • Unrivaled team and customer support.
  • Parts availability and ease of ordering.
  • Durability of parts.

Simply put we finish races! Many other sponsors and factors also way in but Tekno is a piece to that puzzle that I don’t want to do without.


Thanks to everyone over at Tekno!”


Sean & Seth