Tekno RC team drivers never stop winning races. A couple of weeks full of racing wins in USA, France and Namibia are featured in this team report with team drivers Billy Bowden, Keith Hadley, Casey Bias, Dave Hemenway, CL Morgan, Derek Cathcart, Alexandre Martin and Gerhard du Toit taking the top position at the races they attended! Report from each race follows:


2016 National Off-Road Championship Round 2  (NM), report by Gerhard du Toit:

“The day started off very well taking 1st place in the first round of Nitro Truggy, Nitro Buggy and E-Truggy. The track had good moisture and the cars were dialed.
Round 2 & 3 I ended up making a couple mistakes in Nitro Buggy, however I managed to take the TQ for the Final.
Nitro Truggy ran flawlessly and was easy to drive with AKA Cityblocks Super Soft tires, qualifying 1st for the final. E-Truggy got me in the groove from the start taking 1st place in all three rounds of qualifying.

The Finals Started off with Nitro Truggy and the NT48.3 proved itself once again and managed to do 30 laps in 25 minutes. Nitro Buggy flamed out after a pitstop and my hard chase caused me to make more mistakes. E-Truggy had a great battle to the finish.
Big thanks to Loffie van der Merwe for being great in the pits, Ernest Thatcher for running the event and TeknoRC for the opportunity to run their great products!”


Overall Results:

Electric Truggy:

 TQ/1st: Gerhard duToit

2nd: Karl-Heinz Eisenberg

3rd: Ernest Thatcher

Nitro Truggy:

TQ/1st: Gerhard du Toit

2nd: De Waal Theunissen

3rd: Karl-Heinz Eisenberg

Southern Off Road Series Rd.1 (US), report by Billy Bowden:

6/11/2016 We got to attend Round #1 of the – Southern Off Road Series – held at the premier host track HCRCR Henry County, McDonough Ga.

With 195 entries of drivers from across the SE Region, you knew every class was going to be highly competitive and hotly contested.

Billy got his first “Big Win” in the Sportsman Ebuggy division in a field of 33 Competitors after placing his familiar EB48.3 solidly in the fourth position after 3 rounds of qualifying.
It took us three years to get quick and disciplined enough to win at this level. maybe he can click off a few more before moving on to the Pro Division.

In his third time running a nitro powered car he placed his NB48.3 “on the podium”with a 3rd place finish after qualifying seventh in a field of 21 Competitors.
The nitro is proving to be a fun learning curve. Its a whole different animal for sure with monster hp and a ton of brakes!

Thanks to the Promoter, Track and Everyone who makes it happen!

Congratulations to all who had fun!”


Overall Results:

1st: Billy Bowden

2nd: Shaun Stotheide

3rd: Bobby Keys

League Race (FR), report by Alexandre Martin:

“The race was held on a fast smooth and fast track, slightly moist with big jumps, car must have a lot of steering for the many hairpin turns of the track but also on power steering which was challenging for the setup, I used the  5×1.6mm pistons we have tested in France and work very well on most of our tracks proved to be the way to go this weekend. I managed to qualify 8th but get the win at the end of the final, thanks to Tekno RC for making such fast a reliable car!”


Overall results:

1st: Alexandre Martin

2nd: Yoann Vauchel

3rd: Gregory Lhuillier


3rd Annual NW Buggy Championships (US), report by Keith Hadley:

“This past weekend was the 3rd Annual NW Buggy Champs hosted by TCRC in Pasco, Washington. The format was 3 rounds of qualifying using rocket round to seed into the triple 10 minute A-mains. In qualifying I had a solid run in Q1 to set the early TQ time. In Q2 and Q3 I was able to improve my time in each run to earn the overall TQ. In A1 I had a great battle with AE driver Mike Dana and in the closing laps he had an electrical failure allowing me to cruise to the win. A2 was another great battle with Dana and I edged him out to take the overall win!”


Overall Results:

1st: Keith Hadley

2nd: Mike Dana

3rd: Jesse Munn

Summer Shootout Race (US), report by Casey Bias:

“This weekend I attended the 1st annual Summer Shootout at Speed RC. With temperatures soaring above 95 degrees and a fresh layout it was sure to be an eventful day. With qualifying points at this event it was important to get two good, clean runs in with ever changing track conditions. This would prove to be no problem with my Tekno 410.3 as I was able to take the overall TQ after winning all 3 rounds of qualifying and take home the win. Thanks to Tekno, JConcepts, Hobbywing, MKS servos and Trinity for all of the help!”


Overall results:

1st: Casey Bias

2nd: Kyle Mossholder

3rd: Bennie Wilkerson

NESS Round 2 (US), report by Dave Hemenway:

“This was round 2 of the NESS series, held at Barnstormers in NY, which spans multiple tracks over the summer and fall and brings people from all of the nearby states. The track was very rocky and sandy, so it has grip but is also loose and rutty, rewarding a smoother driving style, especially with the big wind that was always present. My ET48.3 was on point like always, and after a bit of a battle in the beginning of the race I was able to cruise to a victory with it. I was also able to secure the top spot with my SCT410.3 and 4th with the EB48.3.”


Overall results:

Electric Truggy:

1st: Dave Hamenway

2nd: Tom Hargrave

3rd: Robert Berenzy

4×4 SCT:

1st: Dave Hamenway

2nd: Lisa Hemenway

3rd: John Doe

P-Town RC Throwdown Colorado Series Round 3, report by CL Morgan:

  • ptown-et
  • ptown-pro4
  1. 1
  2. 2

“Qualifing went well getting overall TQ in E Truggy and 2nd in Pro4 Sc, 3rd in Nitro Truggy and 4th in E Buggy. Mains went very in both E Truggy and Pro4 winning both A1 and A2 to get the overall. Nitro Truggy had a mechanical issue early and got back on the track to get 4th place. Won 4th in both A1 and A2 in E buggy and won A3 to get 3rd overall. It was a 2 day event part of the Colorado Off-Road Championship Series with close to 100 entries.”


Overall Results:

4×4 SCT:

1st: CL Morgan

2nd: Matt Kyle

3rd: Aaron Conkey

Electric Truggy:

TQ/1st: CL Morgan

2nd: Christian Schoupe

3rd: Kurt Sellers

NISS Round 2 (US), report by Derek Cathcart:

  • CAM02974
  • CAM02973
  1. 1
  2. 2

“With 85 entries at the second RD of the NISS held at Stateline RC it was bound to be a great day. Practice went great as both my SCT410.3 and Eb48.3 were really easy to drive on the very bumpy track. I set TQ in both classes in round 1 of qualifying. I used rd 2 to try some different tires but did not better my current tq’s. In the A mains I was able to get off to a clean start and cruised to an easy win in both the Pro4 and 1/8th buggy classes.”


Overall results:


TQ/1st: Derek Cathcart

2nd: Adam Russell

3rd: Mike Mitchell

4×4 SCT:

TQ/1st: Derek Cathcart

2nd: Adam Russell

3rd: Troy Herman