New Parts From Tekno RC!

New Parts From Tekno RC!

New Parts From Tekno RC!

Tekno RC is pleased to announce the availability of several new parts that will improve the performance of your favorite vehicles! Please see below for more information on our most recent products.


TKR9416B - Gearbox (-2mm, F/R, EB/NB/ET/NT48 2.x)

This new gearbox lowers the diff height, which improves bump handling and provides a smoother, more consistent driving experience, especially mid-corner. TKR9416B requires the new TKR9017B bulkhead cover. 

To avoid contact with the chassis, Tekno RC NB48 2.X buggies require a light grind (removing roughly 0.5mm of material) on the chassis below the ring gear. TKR9416B is a direct drop in for the EB/ET/NT48 2.X 1/8th scale vehicles and no modifications are necessary. 

We recommend utilizing TKR9054B +/-2 rear hubs when using this new gearbox with the NB/EB48 buggies. The combination of TKR9416B and TKR9054B improves overall grip, stability, and predictability in the rear end. 

TKR9141B – Adjustable Ackerman Spindles (-2mm, EB/NB 2.1, requires TKR9057B)

These new spindles can be set to -1mm or -2mm axle height compared to the stock TKR9141 spindles.  The lower axle height increases front end grip, making them ideal for adding additional steering. For correct bearing clearance while using CVs, TKR9057B revised sleeves are required.


TKR9054B – Rear Hubs and Bearing Spacers (+/-2mm, adj roll center, L/R, EB/NB48 2.1)

Improve the handling of your Tekno RC EB/NB48 2.X vehicles with these new +/-2mm rear hubs! Our drivers discovered that the -2mm position (closest hole to the bearing) increased rear end grip, stability, and predictability on all track conditions during testing. Although these hubs include an optional high roll center setting (hinge pin further away from the bearing), it was rarely used during our testing. 


TKR9284B – Suspension Arms (revised, rear, EB/NB48 2.1)

These new rear arms have been revised to allow for more clearance for the -2mm hubs and bulkheads. If you don't want to buy new arms, TKR9284 stock arms can be lightly ground in a couple key areas for quick clearance. These new arms are a direct replacement for TKR9284 and are compatible with the EB/NB 2.X vehicles. There are no additional parts required.


TKR9017B – Sway Bar and Bulkhead Acc (for -2/-4mm bulkheads)

When installing the new TKR9416B -2mm bulkhead, these new bulkhead covers must be used to provide more ring gear clearance compared to the stock TKR9017 covers. These new covers are not only open to the bottom, allowing the ring gear clearance, but they also seal the bulkhead by more precisely fitting into the chassis cutout under the bulkhead. The sway bar collars are the same as those included with TKR9017.


TKR9057B – Spindle Pin/Sleeve Set (revised, short/long, EB/NB48 2.1)

These revised sleeves are required when using the TKR9141B -2mm spindles with CVA’s and have been modified from the stock TKR9057 sleeves to provide clearance for the 15x21x4mm bearings.  However, if you are running UNI’s, the standard TKR9057 will work just fine. They are a direct replacement for TKR9057 going forward and are compatible with TKR9141 standard height spindles.