New Low Friction Shock Bodies From Tekno RC!

Tekno is excited to introduce new shock bodies with an enhanced self lubricating coating for your 1/8th scale vehicles! Please read below for more information about our latest additions.

These new shock bodies feature reduced friction anodizing that not only provides excellent wear protection but also improves shock action. Not every racer needs or requires such an upgrade, but we encourage anyone searching for that extra bit of consistency and performance to give them a shot. Of course the extra bling can be enjoyed by all. These new shock bodies are a direct replacement for TKR6016 / TKR6060 and require no additional parts or hardware.

Product Links:

TKR6016K – Shock Body (rear, aluminum, low friction coating, 2pcs)
TKR6060K – Shock Body (rear, x-long, aluminum, low friction coating, 2pcs)