Tekno RC EB410 Behind the Design
Part One

The 1/10th 4WD class has been around for roughly three decades. Generally considered an advanced and expensive racing class to run, it hasn’t enjoyed the same popularity as its 2WD counterpart. Aside from being somewhat delicate, batteries and motors struggled to keep up with the added weight associated with powering the front wheels.

With the advent of brushless motors and LiPo batteries, it was only a matter of time until the class would become more popular. Aside from technology advancements, the most significant force in 1/10th scale offroad evolution has been the track surface. The days of dusty rutted tracks are pretty much gone. Now we have carpet, astro and high traction clay tracks all over the world.

Over the years, 2WD buggy design has responded with sleeker designs, improved weight distribution, updated drivetrain, increased durability, and slightly revised geometry while 4WD designs have remained relatively the same. Some companies are still opting for belts, while others are utilizing shaft drive with a traditional 4WD electronics layout. But still, most of the cars out today are carried over from ten or twenty-year-old designs. That’s about to change.

Tekno RC transitioned from aftermarket parts manufacturer to full-blown kit manufacturer when we released the EB48 Electric 1/8th Buggy kit in 2012. That first critical project started in 2008. We knew our debut kit had to be durable, innovative, and most importantly, competitive. That process required four years of careful research, development, and testing.

When designing the EB410, we were entering an even more competitive market. Consequently, our task of creating a new 1/10th 4WD buggy was going to be that much more intense. Our first CAD files for the EB410 date back to August of 2012, before the original EB48 was released. Five years and about two dozen iterations later, we are finally ready to begin talking about specific features of the buggy.

No, the EB410 is not a ‘copy’ of an existing buggy. But we didn’t make it different just for the sake of being ‘different’ either. The decisions made during the design process were carefully considered and thoroughly tested during an extensive prototype phase. Any design aspects that were unsatisfactory during testing were redesigned and retested until we were completely satisfied. The process was quite time consuming and almost no expense was spared to see our complete vision come to life.

We know this is our most anticipated vehicle to date, which is why we have taken the time to do our homework. We have to release a kit that will truly live up to the Tekno RC reputation for performance, durability, and innovation.


EB410 features:

  • Shaft Driven 4WD
  • 3 High Volume Fluid Filled Adjustable Differentials
  • Ideal Weight Distribution for Modern High Traction Surfaces
  • 7075 CNC Machined and LIghtened Hard Anodized 3mm Chassis
  • 7075 CNC Machined Adjustable Hinge Pin Brace System
  • 7075 CNC Machined 2-piece Motor Mount System
  • 7075 Tapered Lightweight Center Driveshafts
  • Captured CVA Front and Rear Driveshafts
  • Heavy Duty 6mm Stub Axles
  • Industry-First 4WD Offroad Reverse Bellcrank Steering System
  • 13mm Hard Anodized Threaded Shock Bodies
  • 3.5mm Shock Shafts with X-Ring Cartridge
  • Locking Spring Perch Design
  • Downstop Screws for Easy Droop Adjustment
  • Quick Access to Diffs and Maintenance Friendly Layout
  • Fighter Jet Inspired Body Design and Pre-Cut Lexan Wing
  • Compatible with Standard or Low Profile Servos
  • Compatible with ‘Shorty’ Battery Packs
  • Compatible with Most Popular Wheels
  • Suggested Street Price: $399.99

Please join us in the Tekno RC Owners Group and we will be happy to answer questions regarding the EB410, any of our vehicles or products. We will only be answering questions relating to the most recent EB410 article (don’t want to give away the surprize?) until all articles are released then we will be happy to answer all questions.