Tekno RC EB410, almost here!

We’re all excited for the launch of the new Tekno RC EB410 1/10th 4wd Buggy.  It’s just around the corner and should be shipping to customers, dealers, and distributors by the end of September.  In the meantime, we’ll be releasing more information in a 3-part article series that delves into some of the design features and philosophy.

In the first article we’ll give you our take on the 1/10th 4wd buggy class, what we thought could be improved, and some basic background and history of the new kit.  The second article will focus more on specific features that are unique to the vehicle.  The third article will be a full reveal of the exclusive chassis layout and further info on the many features that will make the new buggy truly special.

We’d like to thank our awesome customers for their patience.  The bottom line for us is to make sure that the vehicle will live up to expectations in terms of performance, durability, and value.  We hope you’ll agree that it was worth the wait.

Please join us in the Tekno RC Owners Group and we will be happy to answer questions regarding the EB410, any of our vehicles or products. We will only be answering questions relating to the most recent EB410 article (don’t want to give away the surprize?) until all articles are released then we will be happy to answer all questions.