Tales From The Team: Ryan Lutz

“The R/C industry is a unique niche in the realm of sports/ motorsports. Amateurs can correspond with and even compete with the best in the industry on a nearly weekly basis. This easy correspondence lends to more experienced drivers having the ability to do some helpful things for others, and lend a helping hand where possible. 

Servo swap in record time performed by Ryan!

On any given weekend I am able to help others by providing a needed part, or helping them tune their engine. There’s also the times where I’ve gone further and rebuilt someone’s car at the race for them, or lent them a backup engine to get through the weekend. I welcome these occurrences as the giving back aspect helps me to feel like I am playing my small part in this world. Now I would like to share my two greatest memories when it comes to helping a fellow racer. 

One of our team drivers had some engine issues at Neo16, Ryan saved the day by providing one of his engines!

I think it was around 2008 at the R/C Pro Finals in Texas. If I remember correctly a young mans vehicles got caught up in a flying travel nightmare (lost bags) and he didn’t have his truggy to run. I was in the points series and working towards a National title but to me it was more important for this young man who traveled here to get to race. So I asked him if he wanted to race my truggy. He was in a different class so it worked out he could run and then I would run in my heat. I also pitted for him, and I think it really helped him to have a good weekend all things considered. 

In case you need help, just let me know!

The next memory came from a race in New York in the truggy class where a great father son team had an engine go bad on them in the warmup for the Amain. I noticed what happened and immediately jumped off the drivers stand and ran back to my pit to grab an engine pipe combo that was already clutched up fortunately, and ran back to pit lane where we swapped the engine in about 5 minutes. We got him on the track where he was able to race and finish the main. This one also took the assistance of the drivers and race announcer who were gracious in waiting while we preformed the quick surgery. But it made this young man’s day and it made mine as well! There are a lot of good people in the R/C industry and I’m sure stories like mine can be shared from all over the globe. This community is close and it makes it truly unique and special to be a part of from pro to beginner. “   -Ryan Lutz Pro R/C Driver