New Bearing Sleeve Set From Tekno RC!


In RC, every gram counts.  A lighter vehicle will corner faster and accelerate faster.  Saving grams can be expensive at times.  But not always…

These bearing sleeves will save 1.3g of rotating mass per bearing.  Outfitted on all 3 differentials on a typical 1/8th vehicle, you are saving 7.8g of precious weight.  That’s less than a $1/gram outside the cost of the 8x14x4mm bearings which are a routine maintenance part.

The bearing sleeves are compatible anywhere an 8x16x5mm bearing is used, however, we mostly recommend them for differentials.  Ryan Lutz was using these in all of his vehicles during the 2016 season without even a hiccup in durability.


  • Saves 1.3g of rotational mass per bearing (7.8g total)
  • Compatible with any vehicle that uses 8x16x5mm bearings
  • Improves acceleration and saves weight without sacrificing durability
  • Sold in sets of 6 sleeves
  • Use with TKR08144 bearings.


TKR08144 bearings are not included with TKR5790.


Product Link:

TKR5790 – Bearing Sleeve Set




Please click here for the product info spreadsheet.