New Short Delrin Shock Cartridge Set From Tekno RC

We are happy to announce the release of our revised shock cartridge set that further improves efficiency and performance of our shock absorbers.

This shock cartridge set has been revised from TKR6146 by reducing the height of the bottom guide to allow additional up-travel. This results in better bump handling and jump landing. Center and top guides remain the same.

We recommended using TKR6146B with the EB48.3 and NB48.3 for increased up-travel and improved rough track handling. TKR6146 will continue to have the extended lower shock guide and is recommended for the ET48.3 and NT48.3 for increased shock shaft support.

TKR6146B – Shock Cartridge Set:

Product link:  TKR6146B – Shock Cartridge Set (CNC, Delrin, revised, all 16mm shocks)