Extra long race report this week featuring wins from both week 13 and 14! Winning streak continues strong not only in USA but also Internationally in Australia, Bolivia, Dubai and UK with team drivers: Steve Dows, Ken Rand, Josh Glancy, RJ Hart, Joe Tramontana, Rudy Khoubbieh, Jorge Chacon, Alejandro Alvarez, Mitchell Steer, Carlo De Marco and Steve Alcock all winning the races they attended!   Report from each race follows:


Binona Championship Series 6 (Dubai, UAE), report by Rudy Khoubbieh:


“I went to the track early that day to be able to have some practice time since I didn’t even touch my car for more than a month and a half due to travel. Track was different than usual with some slippery corners, it took me few tanks to get used to the slippery condition and tested some new tires and wheel stiffeners. Q1 all went good, car was awesome and I had a few mistakes but luckily the other competitors had more and I was able to TQ. Q2 went well also and I improved my time to secured the overall TQ. In the final I made a mistake on the 1st lap which pushed me back to 6th but after 10 minutes run I was able to get back back to 2nd place and 20s away from the leader. Each lap I was getting closer to the leader which put him under pressure and made him do 2 mistakes in same lap and put me right behind him. I passed him in the refueling area and went full attack for the rest on the time.  Opened the gap to 10 seconds and then 15 seconds until at the 26 minute mark he retired due to engine problems. I Drove the rest of the 9 minutes very consistent and with no pressure and won the race.”



Final Results:

TQ/1st: Rudy Khoubbieh

2nd: Khaled Abdulaziz

3rd: Joey Ariston

St. Patty’s race (US), report by Steve Downs:

“The final trophy race of Sparks Park indoor season. I decided at the last minute to attend one of the finest indoor facilities in the midwest.


All of my cars were decent but my pro4 excelled as usual! Laying dow the fastest overall lap in all 3 rounds. Unable to convert that to a good starting position. I started fourth in the main and was able to
seize the lead about 1/4 into the race and cruise until the tone.”


Final Results:

1st: Steve Downs

2nd: Von Shook

3rd: Kieth Porter

Bolivian National Championship Rnd 1 (BO), report by Jorge Chacon:

It was a pretty good and fun three day event, the track was designed by Carlos Guerra and was well thought, but was very bumpy and loose so we had no traction. I some setup changes to my car and it ran well. I also had to do a lot of changes on my engine tuning because the track is over 3500 meters above sea level. We practiced all day on Friday trying to find the best setup for our cars. Saturday was qualifying with 2 B main races of 15 min, I took the first place in the two races and secured TQ. The final was so difficult because the track was destroyed with more holes and even less traction but the car performed great and was super fast allowing me to take the win in the 30 min final with a lead of 3 laps over the second. Now Tekno is in first place in the Bolivian national championship! Waiting for the next race that will be in the city of Santa Cruz, fingers crossed!”



Final Results:

1st: Jorge Chacon

2nd: Rodrigo Santa Cruz

3rd: Fabian Egüez

Night Race, Clayton, North Carolina (US), report by Ken Rand


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Ron Ayer’s motorsports held their 2nd race of the season this past weekend which was also their first night race. With a busy day i got there just in time for heats so no practice for me. I made a few adjustments with tires and rear toe in my etruggy and ebuggy and i was ready to make my first laps in qualifying. The first heats were good practice for me as I quickly learned the track layout and my cars were both very close to perfect.
I would end up TQ in both ebuggy and etruggy. Got off to a clean start in ebuggy but would make a few bobbles at a couple minutes into the race which would let Matt Shain by. I picked myself up and charged hard to take the lead with a minute to go. Etruggyunfortunately got rained out for the A main but I would win that class as well as they went by qualifying position.”


Final Results:

Electric Buggy:

TQ/1st: Ken Rand

2nd: Matt Shain

3rd: John Cratt

Electric Truggy:

TQ/1st: Ken Rand

2nd: Luis Diego

3rd: Jimbo Dove

“Racing for Lyla” Race (AUS), report by Mitchell Steer:

“The ‘Race for Lyla’ was a one day charity event held yesterday at Valley Raceway on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. With 130 entries in 5 classes we were in for a long day with 2 hours of practice from 9am and racing from 11am. I had a clear win in the first EP qualifier but it was not recorded as my transponder number had not been added. Round 2 was a better result in EP with a 2nd placing me in position 3 for the A-Main finals. The first 2 finals saw some tight battles up the front between myself and Aaron Stringer. Aaron took out the first 2 finals and I won the third giving me 2nd on the podium. My EB48.3 didn’t miss a beat all day.
Round one in Nitro was a rough start with my NB48.3 needing some setup changes. Changed diff oils for round 2 making the car easier to drive and dropping a second per lap placing third overall. Round 3 was much the same with a few errors but the car felt dialed and I finished 2nd for the round and overall grid position of 3 in the A-Final. Had a good start and held my position of 3rd. Had the pace over 2nd place but couldn’t find a way around until about the 10 minute mark. Starting chasing down 1st place who was Aaron Stringer (#2 in Australia), closing the gap with 5 minutes to go. Aaron had a tire issue enabling me to take the win by 0.6 seconds. Once I sorted my setup I couldn’t fault the car – was great to bring it to the podium.”



Final Results:

1st: Mitchell Steer

2nd: Aaron Stringer

3rd: Tyson Meyers

Ice Breaker Race (US), report by Josh Glancy:

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“In Truggy I battled with Tyler for a few laps before pulling away. Track got extremely rough and loose but was able to take the win! In buggy the track was even rougher but my car handled it pretty solid and battled with good friend Noah Dickerson for a good 20 mins before finally pulling away! Cars were as great as I could of asked.”


Final Results:

Nitro Buggy:

TQ/1st: Josh Glancy

2nd: Noah Dickerson

3rd: Tyler Hooks

Nitro Truggy:

TQ/1st: Josh Glancy

2nd: Wade Moore

3rd: Mike Battaile

NDOR Winter Series (UK), report by Daniel Austin:

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“Another Sunday in the books and another end to a fantastic winter series (roll on summer!) The final round of the NDOR winter series took place today. With the weather being pretty decent meant a dry track by the third round of qualifying and for the finals. Being the final round of the series is was all about cementing overall positions in the championships.


On the day, once again, Steve Alcock won the the truggy class with his Tekno ET48.3 with another superb performance.
In Ebuggy, Mike Lightfoot took the victory with Neil Bent coming home 2nd just 1 second behing Mike after the 18minute final and Rich Metcalfe coming home 3rd making it a Tekno 1,2,3,4 and 5!

Carlo De Marco ran the NB48.3 in the Nitro class qualifying 2nd behind Dave Bailey with a 1st and 2nd in qualifying and managed to take 2nd in the final too.

With the meeting finished, all attention focused on the overall championships in each class.

In the electric Truggy championship, it was a Tekno podium sweep with Steve Alcock winning the Championship ahead of James Phelps in 2nd and Martin Connolly taking the 3rd podium spot.

In the E Buggy championship, another Tekno podium sweep with Carlo DeMarco taking the overall championship, Daniel Austin in 2nd and Mike Lightfoot taking the 3rd podium spot after his victory today pushed him up the overall standings.
Thanks to NDOR for putting on a superb series and thanks to all the Tekno drivers for such fantastic results.”

Overall Championship Results:

Electric Buggy:

1st: Carlo DeMarco

2nd: Daniel Austin

3rd: Mike Lightfoot

Electric Truggy:

1st: Steve Alcock

2nd: James Phelps

3rd: Martin Connolly

Michigan Indoor R/C Open (US), report by RJ Hart:

“This past weekend we were able to attend a race @ Dirt Burners in Livonia, MI. The race would be bracket style, with several championship classes. It was a new format, so qualifying was all heads up racing. I was able to stay very consistent all day, grabbing two 2nd place finishes, and a 1st in Q3 with my SCT410.3. With my overall score, I would go right to the semi-finals. In the semis I was again able to put in a solid run which would put me first on the grid for the final. My focus for the main was to get a clean start and put a little gap on the field. I executed the plan to perfection and was able to lead wire to wire, and take home the win! I would like to thank Tekno R/C, Nankin Hobby, Darkside Design, and Sumo R/C for always having me ready to hit the track! And also to all the R/C family for another great day at the track!”



Final Results:

TQ/1st: RJ Hart

2nd: Mike Chek

3rd: Mike Lopes


Santa Cruz de la Sierra (BO), report by Alejandro Alvarez:

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“This was the 2nd “Club RC Santa Cruz” race for 2016, classes raced were Nitro BuggyE-Buggy and E-Truggy. It was raced on April 2nd in a beautiful sunny day which led to a very loose and dusty track. 5 Minute Qualifiers were run for each class in which I ended 1st on E-Buggy (EB48.3) and 2nd on Nitro Buggy (NB48.3). E-Truggy‘s TQ was also taken by a Tekno vehicle (ET48.3) driven by fellow club member Diego Marín.
Mains were 7 minutes long for E-Buggy and E-Truggy and 20 minutes for Nitro Buggy.”


Final Results:


Electric Buggy:

1st: Alejandro Alvarez (EB48.3)

2nd: Leonardo Suarez (Ofna)

3rd: Diego Marin (EB48.3)

Electric Truggy:

1st: Diego Marin (ET48.3)

2nd: Leito Suarez (Ofna)

3rd: Leonardo Suarez (Ofna)


Nitro Buggy:

1st: Alejandro Alvarez (NB48.3)

2nd: Nicolas Uribe (MBX7R)

3rd: Joss Castedo (MBX7R)

Big Apple Best of The Best (US), report by Joe Tramontana:

“I decided to arrive early and club race Friday and practice Saturday to get a feel for the track. Sunday came around for the 1st annual Big Apple Best of The Best. It was a 1 day event with good competition in the 23 heats and 16 mains”