New Parts From Tekno RC!

Tekno RC is pleased to announce the availability of two new parts that will improve the performance of your favorite vehicles! Please see below for more information on our most recent products.

TKR5031 – Skid Plate (rear, steel, all 1.x, 2pcs)

Protect the chassis of your SCT410.3 and MT410 with these new rear skid plates! Made from laser etched stainless steel, these skid plates significantly extend the life of your chassis. The plates are only 0.5mm thick, weigh less than 10 grams, and we’ve included two for extra value! The screw holes are countersunk, so they won’t protrude and impact the handling of your vehicle. They are compatible with the SCT410.3 and MT410 as well as our older .3 and .4 versions of the EB/NB/ET/NT48 vehicles. No additional parts are required.

TKR9514 – Battery Strap (1x center, for standard 2s or shorty 4s packs, all 2.0)

This new battery strap makes using a shorty 4s pack in your EB48 2.1 a breeze. The chassis mounting points on your EB48 2.1 are already in place, and with this new battery strap, and a shorty 4s pack you can drop anywhere from 100 to 150 grams of static weight. Running a shorty battery offers two extra setup options in addition to cutting weight by moving the battery forward for greater corner speed or to the rear for improved rear grip. This new battery strap is a direct fit for the EB48 2.1 and only requires a 4s shorty battery.

Product Links:

TKR9514 – Battery Strap (1x center, for standard 2s or shorty 4s packs, all 2.0)
TKR5031 – Skid Plate (rear, steel, all 1.x, 2pcs)