New Parts From Tekno RC!

Tekno RC is pleased to announce the availability of two new parts that will improve the performance of your favorite vehicles! Please see below for more information on our most recent products.

TKR9345B – Body (NB48 2.0 Revised, w/ window mask)

This revised body for the NB48 2.0 maintains the original body’s distinctive design elements and style while slightly increasing the cab width.  The modification adds extra internal room to optionally use the short air filter tube included with previous versions of the NB48 and NT48 vehicles (TKR5324). TKR9345B is a direct replacement for the original NB48 2.0 body (TKR9345) and no extra parts are required.

TKRBB050825RS – Ball Bearing (5x8x2.5mm, rubber shielded, 4pcs)

Improve durability and reduce maintenance with these new rubber shielded ball bearings for your swaybar mounts and steering rack! The swaybar pivot mounts, in particular, are subjected to a great deal of dirt and dust. The new bearings, which include a rubber seal, help to extend the bearing’s life by keeping out more dust. They are a direct replacement for the original bearings (TKRBB050825), and no additional parts are required.


  • 4ea Rubber Shielded 5x8x2.5mm Bearings

Product Links:

TKR9345B – Body (NB48 2.0 Revised, w/ window mask)
TKRBB050825RS – Ball Bearing (5x8x2.5mm, rubber shielded, 4pcs)