The 2021 Southern Nationals Report

The team had a fantastic showing at the 2021 Southern Nationals, check out the results here getting drivers on every single podium. #TeknoTakeover

Pro Nitro Buggy: 5th Jared Tebo, 8th Joe Bornhorst, 13th Tyler Hooks, 15th Jared Wiggins, 16th Tyler Jones

Pro Ebuggy: 5th Joe Bornhorst, 8th Jared Tebo, 9th Seth VanDalen, 12th Joey Bourdon, 16th Jared Wiggins, 17th Tyler Jones

Pro Truggy: 1st Jared Tebo, 6th Seth VanDalen, 7th Joe Bornhorst, 9th Jared Wiggins, 12th Spencer Klein, 14th Tyler Jones, 15th Tyler Hooks

Etruggy: 1st David Olsen, 2nd and TQ Tyler Hooks, 3rd Patrick Rossiter, 4th William Ables (10 Trucks in The Main)

40+ Nitro Buggy: 3rd Aaron Royston

Sportsman Truggy: 2nd Shawn Alcorn (Privateer)

Intermediate Truggy: 2nd Aaron Royston

Sportsman Buggy: Mr. Joel Rodriguez (Privateer)

40+ Ebuggy: TQ Randy Lathrop, 2nd Aaron Royston

Sportsman Ebuggy: 4th Mr. Joel Rodriguez (Privateer)

Intermediate Ebuggy: 2nd Thomas Hinton, 4th and TQ William Ables

Intermediate Buggy: 3rd Graham Hill