The 2020 AMS Race Report

Check out the results from the Tekno Team for the 2020 AMS event. It was a great weekend and we are excited to share the results. #TeknoTakeover

Pro Nitro Buggy Results
3. Jared Tebo
7. Joe Bornhorst
10. Seth VanDalen
14. Jared Wiggins

Pro Nitro Truggy Results
1. Jared Tebo
5. Joe Bornhorst
9. Jared Wiggins
11. Seth VanDalen

Pro E-Buggy Results
6. Joe Bornhorst
10. Jared Tebo
12. Seth VanDalen
15. Joey Bourdon

Intermediate Nitro Truggy Results
5. Jonathan Adams

Intermediate E-Buggy Results
5. David Olsen

40+ E-Buggy Results
2. John Bernard Jr. (TQ)

15U Junior Nitro Buggy Results
4. Drew Williams

Sportsman Nitro Buggy Results
2. Jim Foster (Privateer)
5. Colby Purdy (Privateer)

Sportsman Nitro Truggy Results
5. David Scott

Sportsman E-Buggy Results
1. James Large (TQ) (Privateer)

E-Truggy Results
1. Jared Wiggins (TQ)
3. John Bernard Jr.
4. David Olsen

Mini Truggy Results
1. Zachary VanDalen (TQ)
2. Rusty Brooks
3. Britt Roshon (Privateer)

4WD Open SCT Results
1. Zachary VanDalen
2. Corey McDaniel (TQ)