New Aluminum Center Diff Support And Beanie Hat Now Available!

Tekno RC is pleased to announce the release of a new aluminum center differential support for the successful EB410.2 and ET410 vehicles as well as a new beanie hat for those chilly days at the track! Please read below for detailed information.

Improve the durability and tune the flex characteristics of your EB410.2 or ET410 with this new aluminum center diff support! CNC machined from 7075 aluminum, gun metal anodized, TKR6634A is a direct replacement for the part included in TKR6634. Both the stock top plate and the carbon fiber top plate (TKR6635C) are compatible.

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Stay warm while looking good in our navy blue, 100% turbo acrylic beanie. One size fits all and it comes with the same patch logo from our trucker hats.

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