New 1/10th Scale Delrin Pistons Now Available!

Tekno RC is pleased to announce the release of three new CNC Delrin piston sets to improve the performance of your 1/10th scale vehicles. Please read below for detailed information.

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Improve the consistency and fine-tune the handling of your EB410.2 and ET410 vehicles with our new CNC machined pistons! These new pistons are machined from self-lubricating Delrin plastic, flat on both sides and drilled with eight 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 millimeter holes. Intended to replace the molded kit pistons, they are a direct fit for the shocks on all EB410 and ET410 vehicles and do not require any additional hardware.


Product Links:

TKR6736 – Shock Pistons (CNC, 8×1.1, flat/flat, 13mm, 2pcs)
TKR6737 – Shock Pistons (CNC, 8×1.2, flat/flat, 13mm, 2pcs)
TKR6738 – Shock Pistons (CNC, 8×1.3, flat/flat, 13mm, 2pcs)


These new pistons along with a full catalog of vehicles and parts are available on our site and from our world wide network of dealers.