NB48 2.0 Behind the Design – Part Three – The Reveal

In the first and second parts we introduced and discussed some of the larger features of the Tekno RC NB48 2.0 1/8th Competition Nitro Buggy and now it’s time to end the suspense and reveal everything. In the third and final article we present the NB48 2.0 in its entirety. 

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Early into the project we set some lofty performance goals. We also wanted to do something completely new with features never seen before… we believe we’ve achieved this. Instead of hearing from us, here are some quotes from drivers who have had experience with the new NB48 2.0.

Joe Bornhorst:

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the 2.0 is drivability. No matter the condition, the 2.0 feels more in the track and more comfortable to drive than any Tekno buggy in the past. We ask a lot out of our cars during races, and now thanks to the new driveline and newly designed differentials, the buggy remains consistent during a race. Also, with all three diffs now being ‘easy access’, it’s a dream to work on. Going to the races recently, my confidence has never been higher, and a big part of that can be attributed to the 2.0.”


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Jared Tebo:

“The new NB48 2.0 is a great chassis platform, with a lot of new and exciting design features and concepts. Being new to Tekno, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but from lap 1 in testing, I’ve been very comfortable. The design aspect of this car was to give the driver a much better racing experience on bumpy and challenging track conditions, and that’s exactly what the car gives you. Add on all the adjustability, this car is also the best handling car I’ve driven on smooth and fast tracks. The Tekno customers expecting bulletproof durability are not going to be disappointed either, and the hardcore racer that wants to #RACETOWIN will be very pleased with the performance.”

Alex Zanchettin:

“I remember when I drove the 2.0 for the first time, everything was easier :). The new geometry and larger diffs increased consistency during long finals, allowing me to push the car harder and faster. The new 2.0 platform is also so much more consistent in rough and high grip conditions. But the thing I like best is how the car works well at all the different tracks I visited with very minimal setup changes.”


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Shawn Kirkman;

“The NB48 2.0 is one of the smoothest builds I’ve ever done, no grinding or modding needed. It went together like Legos! The new diffs are butter smooth from the start, no break-in needed besides scuffing the outdrives. The new arm inserts make the suspension extremely free so no arm reamer needed. I was really amazed at how easily it went together!”


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Jared Wiggins:

“It’s easier to drive fast. Bumpy or smooth, the 2.0 feels more in the track and produces more consistent grip. The longer arms and narrower pivots combined with the rest of the new suspension geometry greatly improves bump handling, giving you an edge when it comes to racing on a rough track. Add in the new driveline and the 2.0 is faster from start to finish, no matter the surface.”

Seth VanDalen:

“For me, the new NB48 2.0 has improved corner speed and consistency when compared to the NB48.4. The new buggy rotates much smoother through the corner and this has allowed me to focus more on driving than on setup changes. It’s much more versatile from track to track than the old buggy and is much easier to maintain because of the new easy access diffs. This means a shorter amount of time is needed for a full rebuild.”

Tyler Hooks:

“Over the past couple of years we were able to get some serious speed out of the NB48.4, and everyone from the top pros to the average driver was able to go fast in certain conditions. The NB48 2.0 builds on the philosophy of ‘we can work with speed’ and provides a platform that not only yields quicker lap times but also improved consistency. Whether the race is 5 minutes or 1 hour, the new buggy ultimately provides a wider comfort zone for a variety of different driving styles in ALL conditions.”


The response has been truly amazing.  The NB48 2.0 is one massive ‘Thank You!’ to all of our loyal customers and supporters.

Thank you for all of the feature requests, all of the constructive feedback, and even the complaints.  Thank you for the patience and understanding that allowed us to work out the fine details and overcome the many obstacles that challenged us along the way.


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The pre-orders sold out much quicker than we anticipated, but we have many more on the way.  So with that, we have the full reveal. Enjoy the pics and let us know what you think.


*Photos courtesy of CircusRC.com