New Engine Tuning Screwdriver From Tekno RC!

Our XT CNC machined tuning screw driver features the same feel, comfort, and adjustable length functionality of our nut drivers.  The tip is specifically designed for model engine tuning and a rubber flywheel stopper saves your thumb from unneeded abuse. The handle is gun metal anodized for a sleek appearance and wear resistance. Soft knurling on the handle produces a high grip surface, reducing the risk of it slipping out of your hands when covered in oil or fuel.  An M5 set screw holds the tip in place so you can be sure it wont come loose or strip out. Engine tuning is a breeze with the extended reach of the flat blade tip. Tips are available separately (TKR1111T) if you would like to retrofit your existing tuning screwdriver or need a replacement.

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  • CNC machined weighted and balanced aluminum handle
  • Soft knurling for comfort
  • Gun metal anodized for wear and laser etched for identification
  • Adjustable long reach flat head tip
  • Integrated rubber flywheel stopper


Product Link:


TKR1111 – XT Tuning Screwdriver (adjustable length, 4mm shank)



This and all Tekno RC products are available from our global network of dealers as well as our website