New 1/8th Scale Large Radius Spring Perch From Tekno RC!

Our TKR6140C Locking Shock Rod End and Spring Perch Set features an updated design to drastically increase the life of your shock boots.  In this new set, the spring perch has been redesigned with a large radius at the top of the slot where the perch slips over the shock shaft, eliminating a sharp edge that could quickly damage the shock boot.  Less shock boot tearing means your shocks will be more consistent between rebuilds with less dirt and dust being allowed in, which also preserves the shock shafts and o-rings.  Sure we could have left it alone, but we felt our customers deserve better!

This new spring perch set features the same tall spring perch design as the previous shock rod end and spring perch set (TKR6140B) and is made from the same durable composite plastic.


  • Large radius cutout to prolong shock boot life.
  • Locking design ensures you never pop or lose a spring.
  • No sacrifice in suspension up-travel.
  • More consistent suspension action.
  • Durable composite construction.
  • Extended length shock spring perch to help keep the spring in place.
  • Compatible with all Tekno RC 1/8th vehicles as well as the SCT410 and MT410.

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