New Option Parts From Tekno RC!

Tekno RC is happy to announce the release of five new option parts for our EB/ET410 vehicles as well as our 8th scale platforms that are intended to improve the durability of your favorite vehicles, more info can be found below:

EB/ET 410 Heavy Duty  Differential Outdrives/Diff Coupler:

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Our new heavy-duty outdrives and coupler retain the same physical dimensions as our standard EB410 and ET410 parts  (TKR6514/TKR6597) but have less material removed for improved durability and impact resistance.  They are recommended if you are running in harsh conditions.  For all of the ET410 owners out there looking to run larger 1/10th monster truck tires, these are a must!  The HD outdrives and diff coupler are also ideal for carpet racing with frequent on-power jump landings.  They are made from the same material and are a direct replacement for TKR6514/TKR6597.


Product Links:

TKR6514HD – Differential Outdrives (f/r/c, HD, EB410/ET410)

TKR6597HD – Diff Coupler (f/r, HD, hardened steel, EB410/ET410)

EB/ET 410 Carbon Fiber RX Tray:

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This new carbon fiber tray allows the receiver to be mounted off the chassis, providing additional space for electronics. This is especially useful with the ET410 which often uses larger ESC’s.


  • Provides additional space for electronics.
  • Virtually no additional weight added to the vehicle.
  • Uses the same screws as the carbon fiber steering top plate.
  • Includes routing hole to help secure wires.
  • Made from high-quality carbon fiber.
  • For use on the EB410 and ET410 vehicles.


This tray requires the carbon fiber steering top plate (TKR6598C) and cannot be used with the standard steering top plate (TKR6634).


The package includes 1ea carbon fiber receiver tray.


Product Link:

TKR7299C – RX Tray (carbon fiber, requires TKR6598C, EB/ET410)

New Plastic Shock Cap Bushings For Tekno RC 8th Scale Shocks:

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Increase the life of your shock caps with these new shock bushings! They are designed to snap in and key with the top surface, making it virtually impossible for the bushing to rotate and wear the cap. Instead, the wear surface has been moved to the shock bushing itself reducing the cost to maintain your suspension.


  • Keyed to eliminate rotation and greatly reduce shock cap wear.
  • Snaps into place and will not fall out.
  • Made from a durable composite plastic.
  • Fits all versions of the Tekno RC 1/8th scale aluminum shock caps (TKR8702, TKR6003B and TKR6003).


The new bushings require the new TKR8727 shock standoffs.


The package includes 4ea shock cap bushings.

Installation Tip:

We recommend installing the bushing with the flat surface toward the shock tower.


Product Link:

TKR8730 – Shock Cap Bushings (4pcs, requires TKR8727)

New Shock Standoffs For Tekno RC 8th Scale Vehicles:

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When used with TKR8730 shock bushings, these standoffs allow the shock to only pivot between the standoff and bushing, moving the wear surface to the bushing itself and increasing the life of the cap.


  • Reduced shock cap wear.
  • Extended length shock tower mounting posts.
  • Keyed surface that can be used with our 5.5mm wrench (TKR1119).
  • Made from high-quality steel.
  • Fits all Tekno RC 1/8th scale vehicles as well as the MT410 and SCT410.


These new shock standoffs must be used with our new keyed shock bushings (TKR8730).


The package includes 2ea shock standoffs.


Product Link:

TKR8727 – Shock Standoffs (2pcs, requires TKR8730)