Tekno RC ET410 Build Guide

Tekno RC team driver Tyler Hooks guides us through the build of his ET410 and provides us with a few tips and tricks to get the most out of the new truggy:

“Alright I was fortunate enough to receive one of these new trucks early to build and post about for customers to reference and learn from. The ET410 is pretty cool for multiple reasons, take it to your local track, or try to jump your roof with it. We don’t discriminate it works great for everything.

This thing was built to kit specs with no aftermarket or optional parts. This build goes bag by bag so enjoy.

Motor: Tekin Gen 3 5.5t
ESC: Tekin RSX
Servo: MKS 599
Battery: SMC 4600mah

Bag A:

Bag A is simply the center diff build. The only major difference being that the spur gear is 53 tooth and 32 pitch to insure longevity with the added weight of the car.

Bag B:

Bag B has the front and rear diffs. The only differences being the ring gear being 40 tooth which correspond with new center drive pinion gears we will talk about later.

Bag C:

Bag C is the front bulkhead build. This includes the new revised bulkheads, the revised steering rack and the center drive 10t diff pinion I talked about earlier. My only tip is to apply a little glue to the steering rack bushings where they click into the steering rack. This will make it easier to take the steering rack apart.

Bag D:

Bag D is the rear bulkhead build. This also has the 10t diff pinion and bulkhead. The shock tower is larger to compensate for larger shocks and arms. The rear body mount is also new to fit the new truck body.

Bag E:

Bag E is the rear arms and C/D blocks. The rear arms are longer but everything else is the same from the buggy.

Bag F:

This is the rear driveshafts and turnbuckles. Obviously the turnbuckles and driveshafts are longer so they fit with the length of the new arms. I use a small amount of grease on the CV joints and on the turnbuckles to help with getting the rod ends on.

Bag G: 

Bag G is the front arms and A/B blocks. The A and B blocks are new to fit in with a new chassis that will fit on both the buggy and the truck but is not required for either. I will not be installing the new chassis or blocks on my buggy so don’t assume you need it. The arms are also longer just as the rear arms are. The truck also comes with a front sway bar unlike the buggy.

Bag H:

Bag H is the front driveshafts and spindles. The driveshafts are longer to fit the arms, and the axles are the same as the rear on the buggy and the rear on the truck to add material for the hex and wheel. Again grease the CV joint.

Bag I:

Bag I includes the front camber and steering turnbuckles which are all longer to compensate for the arms. The front shock tower is also larger as well. New for the kit also are front body mounts for the truck body.

Excuse the Xbox Controller! ?

Bag J:

Bag J is basically the same as the buggy except that the chassis is slightly different and requires you to loosen the A block to get the front clip to key into the chassis.

Bag K and L:

Bag K and L are the shocks, the front shocks are the same as the rear on the buggy, and the rear shocks are new for the truck. Also new are the springs which are the same color as the .4 buggy line of springs. Also new are the shock cartridge guides which will fit on the buggy and truck and stop the shocks from building excess pressure on race or bash day.

Bag M,N and O

Bag M,N and O are the same as the buggy except for gearing recommendations which are different for the weight and 32 pitch gearing on the truck.”