Tekno RC Team Report Week 10, 2018

A great week for Tekno RC Team drivers in USA, Namibia, Australia and South Africa. Congratulations to Dean Rock, Shane Kelly, Gerhard du Toit, Joey Bourdon, Akshay PatelCole Cullings and Matt Wolter for their wins! Report from each race follows:

The Dirt Nitro Challenge (US), report by Dean Rock:

“All I can say about this race is, wow! The Dirt Nitro Challenge is a race to never forget due to the fact that I had very successful results in all 3 expert classes. After day one of seeding rounds, I placed myself in the A heats for each of my classes. As for day two, I qualified 10th overall in electric buggy, and 1st overall with the truck by winning all three of my qualifiers. Day three was also successful by just making the A main with a 12th place qualifying position in Nitro Buggy.

As the mains approached the nights got colder and I had to compensate on all three vehicles by dropping a fair amount on the shock oil. With this change, the cars felt much easier to drive over the rougher sections of the track. This resulted in a 1st in Nitro Truggy, 5th in Electric Buggy, and a solid 8th place finish in Nitro Buggy. I would like to thank Tekno for all of the support and setup advice throughout the entire week, and most importantly my Mom and Dad for all of the help!”

Overall results:

TQ/1st: Dean Rock – Tekno NT48.3

2nd: Marcus Garrett

3rd: Shane Kelly – Tekno NT48.3


2018 AARCMCC IC Off-Road ACT State Titles (AU), report by Shane Kelly:

“This past weekend the Canberra Off-Road Model Car Club (CORMCC) hosted the annual AARCMCC ACT State Titles in Canberra Australia. Racing would take place over three days with open practice Friday, qualifying Saturday and the finals on Sunday. As per usual the club presented an amazing track and racing surface with a heavy blue groove forming by the end of open practice. I would skip practice due to only landing home from the DNC a few days prior and get started first thing Saturday morning with Q1. The NT48.3 was incredible from the first lap and I would lock up the overall TQ after the first four rounds of qualifying. In Buggy, some setup changes would be required but we had the car comfortable by the end of the day and would TQ the fifth round of qualifying. On Sunday the cars were untouchable throughout the two 45 minute finals, easily taking almost wire-to-wire victories in both classes with a lap on the field in Buggy!”

Overall results:

Nitro Buggy:

1st: Shane Kelly – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Ronan Thompson

3rd: Simon Yeung

Nitro Truggy:

TQ/1st: Shane Kelly – Tekno NT48.3

2nd: Ronan Thompson

3rd: Daniel Quinton


Nationals WRCC Series 2018 Leg 1 (NA), report by Gerhard du Toit:

This past weekend I made the trip to Windhoek, Namibia for our National Leg 1 at WRCC situated at Tony Rust Race Track.

During practice, I focused on getting my engines tuned and figuring out a good race line as the track was very lose and dusty with some short run-ups and long jumps it was tough to stay smooth.

Qualifying started off with Nitro Truggy making a couple mistakes and a flameout would have me qualify 2nd for the Main. Buggy felt great but had to settle for 3rd on the grid due to a transponder issue and a stone getting stuck in the flywheel. E-Truggy was on rails and took the TQ after winning both Q’s

At the Start of Mains, the track had a racing line coming though! My NT48.3 was tight on the corners and smooth from the start, I would take the win by 2 laps. In Nitro Buggy I installed new clutch shoes and different tires, the BLOK AM powered NB48.4 was a rocket. I would pull away from the pack on the second corner and never look back wrapping it up with the win. E-Truggy went flawlessly and would pull out front at the start and stay there for the top position.

The cars were really easy to drive while having a quick pace.
Thanks to Tekno RC, Friends & Family for the Support.”

Overall results:

Nitro Truggy:

1st: Gerhard du Toit – Tekno NT48.3

2nd: Mark Root

3rd: Loffie van der Merwe

Nitro Buggy:

1st: Gerhard du Toit – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Colin Bravenboer

3rd: Stan Godfrey

Electric Truggy:

TQ/1st: Gerhard du Toit – Tekno ET48.3

2nd: Loffie van der Merwe

3rd: Colin Bravenboer


FRL #4 Race (US), report by Joey Bourdon:

“This weekend me, my Sister and my Dad went down to the Ohio RC Factory for the FRL series round 4 race. I ran 4wd mod buggy and 1/8 scale buggy and both of my Tekno buggies were dialed in really well all day.

In E-Buggy Niko Pribojan and I had really close races for TQ in all 3 rounds. I had the TQ after the 1st and 2nd rounds but Niko took it from me in the 3rd so I started 2nd in the main. In the main, I was able to pass Niko on the 1st lap and then kept the lead for all but 1 lap after that. I had some good battles with Rob Gleason throughout the race but was still able to take the win.

The turnout was really low for the 4wd mod class and although there were only 4 entries the competition was really good. I qualified 3rd and was able to finish 2nd.”

Overall results:

1st: Joey Bourdon – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Rob Gleason

3rd: Scott Stoffer


KZN 2018 Regional Championship – Round 2 (ZA), report by Akshay Patel:

“The second round of the KZN club championship was much anticipated as it rained out on the date set a week ago so guys were hungry for track time.

The day started out overcast and progressed to very sunny and hot. The qualifying didn’t go too badly but I made way too many mistakes. The track was grippy but very blown out and rutted so one would have to drive at 90% to keep it on its wheels. Despite that the E-Buggy final saw myself and Dean Steenmans within 5 seconds of each other the entire race, while I battled to keep my EB48.4 settled, due to my front wheels coming unglued. I would drive very cautiously which resulted in me taking the win just at the end.

A special mention to Ed Reddy for his first race ever and managing a solid P7 in the final with my spare EB48.4, well done (told you you won’t be last).

All in all, it was great fun to be back at my old home track and I look forward to Round 3 at Margate next week!”

Overall results:

1st: Akshay Patel – EB48.4

2nd: Dean Steenmans

3rd: Willem Steenkamp


Holiday Hangover RC Arenacross (US), report by Cole Cullings:

“Moses Lake ,Washington was the host of the Holiday Hangover Rc Arenacross. 136 drivers attended with 300 entries. RD Justin Wilde and Joe Scales were the organizers of the race. Kevin Jelich flew up from California to build the track. Tekno’s own Ryan Lutz flew in to do a race clinic for fifteen racers while also racing three classes.
Friday was practice, Saturday was qualifying, and mains were on Sunday.
I raced 3 classes, E-Buggy, Nitro Truggy and E-Truggy.
E Buggy qualifying went ok, tire selection was a challenge, ended up starting 8th in the B. Worked my way to 4th but slipped back to 8th.
Nitro Truggy qualifying went well and the competition was tight. Started 7th on the grid in the B main as well.  The start went well, worked my way to the 2nd position but on the 11th lap my motor came loose and fried the clutch. Overall the truggy was running great
E-Truggy I qualified 4th in the A-main. A1 took 3rd. A2 managed to lead from start to finish to take the overall”

Overall results:

1st: Cole Cullings – Tekno ET48.3

2nd: Jason Cocking

3rd: Joseph Johnson


2018 U4RC Winter Nationals (US), report by Matt Wolter:

The 2018 U4RC Winternatinals was held February 23rd and 24th at the Fear Farm Raceway during the prestigious Dirt Nitro Challenge. Joey Christensen, Gentry McWherter, and the AZU4RC crew hosted a great event. This was my first time racing U4 and entered the Unlimited 2.2 class with a converted SCT410.3. Friday was practice and in between races on the big track, I was able to get head over to the U4 track to get some laps in. Several of our team drivers actually got in on the fun and we took turns running on the U4 course. The track had a nice mix of features you would typically find on an RC track with three technical rock sections added in. It was a lot of fun and a nice change from typical RC racing!  Saturday was qualifying and mains and I was able to take TQ and the win! The top three and eight of the top 10 were Teknos #TeknoTakeover! Big thanks to Shaun Rusin and Rich Morgan for keeping me updated on the heats and race schedule. 

For more info on converting the SCT410.3 to the DB48 for the U4 Unlimited 2.2 class see our FAQs here

Overall results:

1st: Matt Wolter – DB48 (Tekno SCT410.3)

2nd: Darren Barwick – DB48 (Tekno SCT410.3)

3rd: Chris Pickering – DB48 (Tekno SCT410.3)