Tekno RC Team Report Week 51, 2017

Despite the festive season Tekno RC Team drivers never stop winning. Congratulations to Mikko MaulaMark KimleyRyan Fietz, Mike Legue, Jeremy LeDonne and Patrick Rossiter for winning the races they attended in Finland and USA! Report from each race follows:

Short Course Winter Cup (FI), report by Mikko Maula:

“During past weekend I attended to the 2nd round of the Finnish Short Course Winter Cup series, which was held in Turku at TUA Areena. The race was held on a quite open and fast indoor track with a painted concrete surface, which offered medium to high bite conditions. For some reason, I had difficulties in finding a good rhythm for my driving in the practice rounds and also in the qualifications. But I still managed to take the 4th place into the A-main. In the mains, I finally got into a good driving rhythm and I managed to improve my pace a bit. And because I didn’t make many mistakes in the mains, at the end of the day I managed to take the overall victory. My SCT410.3 was really easy and fast to drive which gave me a good confidence in my driving. I would like to thank Tekno RC for supporting me and also my brother Janne Maula for doing the paintwork of the body.”

Overall results:

1st: Mikko Maula – Tekno SCT410.3

2nd: Samuli Saarelainen

3rd: Tom Thusberg

ROAR region 2 New Jersey State (US), report by Mark Kimley:

“This past weekend I attended the ROAR region 2 New Jersey state championship race at TAP RC Raceway in Williamstown NJ. The turnout was light due to the weather. Three days before the race they called for 4-8 inches of snow. Unfortunately, I think this kept a lot of racers away. I entered the 10th 4wd mod buggy class of which there were two full heats. This was a 3-day race with Friday practice, Saturday qualifiers, and Sunday mains.

I got there after work Friday and ran as much as I could to get used to the brand new layout put in the week before and was feeling confident.

Saturday we ran three qualifiers. I was able to TQ all three rounds. There was one more qualifier Sunday morning. I didn’t better my TQ but still put down the fastest time for that round. I was feeling good about the mains.

We ran double A mains. A1 went well, I got out clean stayed out front and didn’t need to be marshaled the entire run. I put a lap on the field since there was a lot of accidents going on behind me. In A2 it was mostly the same except for team Trinity fast guy Scooby Horton. He was right behind me the whole race but couldn’t get close enough to make a move. I held on for the win giving me the overall championship title in the 10th 4wd mod buggy class.

It was a great event and I really enjoyed it.”

Overall results:

TQ/1st: Mark Kimley – Tekno RC EB410

2nd: Scooby Horton

3rd: Dustin Kendrick



Reindeer Games Race (US), report by Ryan Fietz:

“8am started practice and was able to get about 50 laps in. The race was in a horse arena so the dirt was very soft with fairly low traction. Qualifying runs were very consistent and qualified 4th overall, grip came up throughout the day and times dropped. It was a very fast layout, with a hard ripple section on the back side of the track that separated the drivers very quickly. Hosted by Amain Speedway CS from Pueblo CO, they always have great events and they bring the best drivers from our region.
A-main was 8 minutes, shotgun round no triple-A’s. Had the leaders paced the whole race, passed for second after the leaders made a few mistakes, and took #1 on the last lap after they blew a camber link.”

Overall results:

TQ/1st: Ryan Fietz – Tekno ET48.3

2nd: C.L. Morgan

3rd: Mike Ward


4th Anniversary Race (US), report by Mike Legue:

“This past weekend I attended the 4th-anniversary race at RC Clubhouse Hobby Shop & Race Track! Turnout ended up being just shy of 150 entries and was a blast! I ran mod 2wd Buggy, Mod 4wd Buggy and E-Buggy as well.

All three cars felt great in Friday’s practice. I made a few changes to the 4wd and was ready to rock come Sat morning. After qualifying was over, I ended up sitting 5th in Mod 2wd, 3rd in Mod 4wd and TQ in E-Buggy! MC Positrons were the tire of choice on 2wd and 4wd, while electrons were the ticket for E-Buggy!

The mains were a mixed bag. In 2wd I was on the better end of some lucky breaks, as well as some clean driving. I would finish 3rd behind tater and Sam. Mod 4wd was quite the opposite. I was on the bad end of some unfortunate situations and after the dust settled I wound up 4th overall. In E-Buggy I led the race wire to wire, taking the win!”

Overall results:

TQ/1st: Mike Legue – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: John St. Amant

3rd: Joey Bourdon – Tekno EB48.4


Showdown In The Snow Race (US), report by Jeremy LeDonne:

“I traveled to Stoneboro, PA to race at Big Dogs RC for the Showdown In The Snow race. My Tekno cars, Proline tires and Tekin electronics were dialed all day! Getting TQ in both 1/8 E-Truggy and 4×4 SCT. After some good battles in 4×4 SCT and 1/10 4×4 Buggy, I ended up 2nd on the podium in both of those classes. In 1/8 E-truggy I would lead the race start to finish, taking home the win! Smooth and consistent was key on this really tight, super fast, low grip track. My ET48.3 set up was on rails causing me to have no mistakes and pull away from the rest!”

Overall Results:

TQ/1st: Jeremey LeDonne – Tekno ET48.3

2nd: Cecil Parsons – Tekno ET48.3

3rd: Bill Wiggins – Tekno ET48.3


2017 JConcepts Super Cup Fall Season Round 4 Finale (US), report by Patrick Rossiter:

“This past Saturday was the 4th and final round of the 2017 JConcepts Fall Super Cup. This date was a makeup due to bad weather back in September and with it being so close to the holidays, it still managed to pull right at 100 entries!

This race would be my inaugural for my Tekno EB410 that I received as a Christmas present from a fellow racer. I built the buggy box stock, except for a D Block pill change, then added on the smaller spur gear for 13.5 Racing and some carbon fiber goodies. Friday practice, I just threw some tires on there and instantly fell in love first time out! Now granted my Schumacher Cat served me well, but it always struggled on an outdoor surface. The 410 has plenty of speed, grip, and stability! I played with gearing for a bit, but ended up with the suggested booked gearing for big track 13.5, 26/70. On Saturday, my 410 would go undefeated all day winning both 5 minute qualifiers and the 6 minute A Main! All the electronics I used previously in the Cat went into the 410: Hitec 8775 LP Servo, Hobbywing XR10 Stock Spec ESC, Trinity Monster Max 13.5 motor, and Trinity White Carbon 4000mah 2S LiPo battery. Smooth, consistent, power all day! It was turning lap times comparable to the modified cars! I used the same tires all day: JConcepts Double Dees in green compound, all around. I also entered the 2wd Expert Stock Buggy class with my Hobbywing/Trinity powered AE B6. I would struggle to find grip all day, unfortunately not having a brass C block for the car, but would still manage to qualify and finish 3rd overall! This weekend not only was a fun race weekend, but it ended up being a mini vacation for myself and my buddy Christopher Fail. We’ve known each other for right at 18 years and, with Christmas time approaching, I wanted to bring him along for another rc road trip and let him know that I truly value our friendship together. He’s like a brother to me and like the old saying goes: “You help me and I help you.” #nohomo I want to thank Brian Lewis, Lance MacDonald, and the rest of the Southside crew for a great facility and track they’ve provided and can not wait for the #FuelNats2k18! Thanks to the JC crew another great Super Cup season, despite the weather curveballs. Another “joy” of living on the coast in the South. And as always, thank you to my sponsors”

Overall results:

TQ/1st: Patrick Rossiter – Tekno EB410

2nd: Brian Lewis

3rd: Ryan Casteline