Tekno RC Team Report Week 19, 2017

Tekno RC team drivers keep on winning all around the world! With wins in Portugal, USA, South Africa and Malaysia this has been one of our most successful weeks so far. Well done to Ricardo Monteiro, Jared Wiggins, Derek Cathcart, Akshay Patel, Danny K and Tan Chee Meng for winning the races they attended! Report from each race follows:

Portuguese Nationals Round 2 (PT), report by Ricardo Monteiro:

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Awesome weekend at round 2 of the Portuguese Nationals held at the track of Vilela, both the EB48.4 as well as the NB48.4 handled the rough low to medium conditions the track provided awesomely, giving me a fast and easy car.

In E-Buggy the car felt awesome from the get go and the only thing I was doing was charging batteries and going out there and punching it haha. In the first final everything was going smooth until I hit a rock that emerged from the track and lost a few positions, from then on I knew it was gonna be hard to overtake and made a few more mistakes, so I just planned on letting that one go and work for the next one.
The second one was again not very quiet, but for different reasons. Had to fight the whole final not to lose the lead but In the end all went well and managed the win, the third and last final was the most comfortable one, I noticed people were crashing behind me and then I just made sure I had a mistake free run and got the win.

For Nitro Buggy, we adjusted shock piston and oil setup for the bumpier stuff and that was pretty much it. Running smaller pin tire for Qualifying and then bigger for the semis and final, the car kept getting easier to drive which was super important for the 45 min final.
There were fights throughout the whole race and even some position swaps during pitstops which made for a super exciting and hard final, I think I crashed not more than twice the final as I was feeling very confident in the car and in the end that was crucial to come out on top at the end.”

Overall results:

Electric Buggy:

TQ/1st: Ricardo Monteiro – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Carlos Durães

3rd: João (Lito) Figueiredo

Nitro Buggy:

1st: Ricardo Monteiro – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Carlos Durães

3rd: João Lopes

LRT Season Opener (US), report by Jared Wiggins:

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“Had a great time yesterday at the LRT Season Opener! I was able to TQ and Win both Nitro Buggy and Ebuggy! Tekno cars performed flawlessly with the tough high wear track, Proline x3 blockades laying down the Triton/ Orion Power! Nitro Pro Fuel keeping my L5 elite engine running strong with great mileage! Thanks to Julian Malevanets for roadtrippin with me, Joe Nichols for the pit work and Danny for the dialed track! Up next is Fuel Nationals warmup then Gas Champs!
Thanks to all my Sponsors!”


Overall results:

Nitro Buggy:

TQ/1st: Jared Wiggins – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Julien Malevanets

3rd: Danny Bartholomew – Tekno NB48.4

Electric Buggy:

TQ/1st: Jared Wiggins – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Danny Bartholomew – Tekno EB48.4

3rd: Tim McNamara

Malaysian National League round 3 (MY), report by Kent Sung:

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“Tekno Team driver Danny K TQed and won the Malaysian National league round 3. On qualifying day Danny K showed tremendous pace with a best lap time of 44.5”, dominating Q1 and Q2! In the finals day, Danny again showed his speed and consistency starting P1 in the main final. Leading most of the race and bringing home the win with a 2 laps advantage, great job Danny!

In truggy class Tekno driver  Dr. Tan Chee Meng won the Malaysia National League round 3 truggy class on his first outing with the truck, closely followed by Tekno teammate Ahmad Hisyam who got the 2nd position.

Great job everyone!”

 p.s: Nice T-shirt Danny! ?

Overall results:


Nitro Buggy:

TQ/1st: Danny K – Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Ryan Stocek

3rd: BH Gan


Nitro Truggy:

1st: Tan Chee Meng – Tekno NT48.3

2nd: Ahmad Hisyam – Tekno NT48.3

3rd: Tommy Han


Western Cape 1/8 Off-road Regional Series (SA), report by Akshay Patel:

“Sunday brought about some interesting qualifying, with very cold weather and a loose track, super softs were definitely the tire compound to have. I decided not to practice as I knew the track would change a lot and had an idea that my car would be set up already, I managed to win all three rounds to secure the TQ spot in both Nitro and Electric buggies.

Finals went pretty much flawless in E-Buggy and not too great in Nitro Buggy, 2 flame-outs dropped me from 1st to 3rd where I would have to be content with finishing in.

Overall it was a great day and it was great for Tekno from having no cars in South African a few months ago to having 6 present at this race.”


Overall results:

TQ/1st: Akshay Patel – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Neville Menezes

3rd: Martin Remia

Great Lakes Championships (US), report by Derek Cathcart:

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“Always a fun event and great people to race with at RC Fun Park. Practice went well as I was already on good settings for both my EB48.4 and SCT410.3. Spent most of Friday practice just knocking the rust off. With 3 qualifiers on Saturday and 1 Sunday before the mains I had plenty of track time. I made a few tweaks to get my Teknos dialed in and took the TQ in both E-Buggy and Pro4 classes. The A mains went just as well as I led tone-to-tone for the win in both classes.”


Overall results:

Electric Buggy:

TQ/1st: Derek Cathcart – Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Tanner Shaw

3rd: Devin Nicely

Pro 4 SC:

TQ/1st: Derek Cathcart – Tekno SCT410.3

2nd: Mark Nicely

3rd: Devin Nicely