New Universal Driveshafts and Rear Hubs From Tekno RC

We are pleased to announce the addition of five new products to our lineup. Our latest products include HRC (high roll center) hubs as well as front/rear universal driveshafts for the NT48.3 and ET48.3 Truggies. Last but not least, we have three center universal driveshafts to improve the consistency of your NB48.3 and NT48.3 driveline.

More info below:

TKR5199B – HRC Rear Hubs

(L/R, CV or uni, EB/NB/ET/NT48, EB/NB.3)


By lowering the hinge pin location compared to the stock rear hubs (TKR5199), we have raised the rear roll center in just the right place. Use these hubs to increase on power traction and stability while decreasing body roll. All of this with improved rotation into a corner and no compromise in on-power steering. To reduce wear and increase part lifespan, they are molded from durable nylon and include locations for hinge pin set screws.

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TKR5199B – HRC Rear Hubs (L/R, CV or uni, EB/NB/ET/NT48, EB/NB.3)

TKR5298 – Universal Driveshaft Set

(front/rear, 140mm, ET48.3/NT48.3)


Universal driveshafts are now available for the acclaimed ET48.3 and NT48.3 1/8th Truggies. The driveshaft assemblies are CNC machined from high-quality steel alloy and black oxidized for wear resistance. Extreme working angles are no problem and as a pure Tekno part, they are durable and will wear very well. They are also light weight as the excess material has been removed without compromising performance or strength.

Universal driveshafts excel in bumpy and rough conditions. The suspension is allowed to work more efficiently without the increased binding of a CVA assembly. Reduced binding allows the vehicle to absorb bumps better with a reduced risk of “catching a rut” and flipping the car while cornering. For smoother tracks, CVA’s will produce more traction and support, but universals are also well suited with slight suspension setup changes (pistons, springs, and oil).

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TKR5298 – Universal Driveshaft Set (front/rear, 140mm, ET48.3/NT48.3)

Center Universal Driveshafts
For NB48/48.3 and NT48/48.3 Vehicles.


Center universal driveshafts are now available for your NB48/48.3 and NT48/48.3.  Universal driveshafts will smooth out front/rear power transfer and increase brake response by eliminating the fore/aft chatter of a dogbone center shaft system.  While not quite as light as our optional aluminum center dog bones, the universal shaft will increase durability and consistency.  CNC machined from high grade steel, driveshafts directly replace the center dogbones and diff coupler (TKR5075) and is compatible with all versions of the NB48 and NT48 vehicles.

Product Links: 

TKR5295 – Universal Driveshaft (center, rear, 111mm, NB48/NB48.3)
TKR5296 – Universal Driveshaft (center, front, 90.5mm, NB48/NB48.3/NT48/NT48.3)
TKR5297 – Universal Driveshaft (center, rear, 170.5mm, NT48/NT48.3)