The FEMCA championship is one of the most prestigious events in Asia and it is where all the best drivers from the FEMCA block gather to fight for the #1 title. This year’s FEMCA championship was held at Southern Alley racetrack in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Tekno RC was present at the event with Kyle Francis, Kevin Lee, Bobby Kim, Danny Teh, Tan Chee Meng, Eric Way and newly signed Witsarut Roumlarp representing Australia, S.Korea, Malaysia and Thailand respectively, forming the third largest team of the race!

Tekno RC Team at 2016 FEMCA Championship.

This year’s FEMCA championship race was a special one. Apart from the great increase of participants using our products compared to any other year, Tekno RC was also the brand with the most cars present in the main final of the event.  Witsarut Roumlarp, Kyle Francis, Kevin Lee and Bobby Kim all made it to the A main!

Looking at the larger picture, 50% of the Tekno RC drivers made it to the main final. This demonstrates that Tekno RC is not only one of the fastest growing brands in the industry, but also that our drivers are able to show speed and consistency throughout large events.

2016 FEMCA Championship A Main lineup.

Tekno RC would like to congratulate all Tekno RC drivers at the event and also thank Kent Sung, Darrin Francis, Ben and Surachai Roumlarp for their support, and the Southern Alley crew for an awesome event.  We’d also like to congratulate Atsushi Hara on his FEMCA win!

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