Tekno RC Team drivers from all around the world win! Kyle Francis from Australia, Seth VanDalen from USA and Daniel Austin together with Steve Allcock from UK all win the races they attended! Report form each race follow:


Astro Winter Series, report by Daniel Austin:

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This weekend Team Tekno UK attended the final round of the Astro Winter Series, one of the most popular and highly attended winter series in the UK. The series consists of 4 rounds at 4 different tracks; NDOR, Deerdale, Nene Valley and Ledbury.

Electric Buggy:

The E Buggy championship was a complete domination by the UK Tekno Team with our drivers filling the top 7 positions in the Championship! The battle for the victory went down to the last round with a TQ and win from Daniel Austin securing the overall championship for him. Carlo De Marco would finish 2nd and Steven Bond a superb 3rd place.


Championship Results:

1st: Daniel Austin- Tekno

2nd: Carlo De Marco- Tekno

3rd: Steven Bond- Tekno

4th: Michael Lightfoot- Tekno

5th: Richard Metcalfe- Tekno

6th: Ben Doyle- Tekno

7th: Gerry Doyle- Tekno


Electric Truggy:

Tekno driver Steve Allcock also put his ET48.3 on the top step of the podium in the Truggy championship fighting off some tight competition along the way and Martin Connolly also putting his truggy 5th overall.


Championship Results:

1st: Steve Allcock- Tekno

7th: Martin Connolly- Tekno


Nitro Buggy:

In the highly competitive Nitro Buggy class, Carlo De Marco managed to secure an excellent 2nd overall in the championship with Matt Bridge also grabbing a 6th place finish in the overall championship.


Championship Results:

2nd: Carlo De Marco- Tekno

6th: Matt Bridge- Tekno


Overall an excellent result for all of the UK Tekno team who attended the events. Many thanks has to go to Chris Jeffries who organised the excellent race series and also to Tekno and RPRC distribution and Race Pace RC for the amazing support.”

King of Whiteman (KOW) race, report by Kyle Francis:

“The King of Whiteman race was held at MORBC track in Perth Australia, this was the first race meeting on new layout and clay surface. One day race meeting, 3 qualifiers, A/B/C finals with 30 minute mains. Tried some different setups on both Buggy and Truggy, qualified P2 in Buggy and P2 in Truggy. 30 minute Truggy main, got hit by another car on opening lap, dropped to 7th, worked our way forward, and got to the lead by lap 12 and by lap 30 had lapped the entire field! Finished 1st. 30 minute Buggy main got off to a great start and was passing the first placed car on the opening lap when we collided, dropping me to 7th. Played catchup for the next 20 minutes by slowly passing cars and making up for the opening lap incident! By the 20 minute mark we were closing the gap on the first placed car, then at 24 minute mark we took the lead and went on to win by 9 seconds. This gave us the double; winning both the Buggy and Truggy Amains.”


Final Results:

1st: Kyle Francis

2nd: Josh Pain

3rd: Steve Smith


Tekno Winter Series, report by Seth VanDalen:


“Truggy was awesome as soon as we set it down. Buggy on the other hand was a little rough at first after changing the setup and then changing it back we just redid the shocks and started qualifying. Buggy felt great but the body came off and didn’t want to go back on. So in truck we ran our Pro-line Eelectrons on it and it was blistering fast, setting TQ for the day in the first round. In the 2nd round when buggy came up we had a few lap traffic problems but qualified 2nd. In truggy we ran our Pro-line holeshots and was just as fast with one less mistake. In the mains I was a full second faster in buggy than the TQ and was just pacing the leader but unfortunately I broke a clutch bell only 2 minutes in. In truggy though I ran 2 seconds a lap faster each lap and finished with a 8 lap lead and never looked back!”


Final Results:

TQ/1st: Seth VanDalen

2nd: Josh Havens

3rd: Eric Fletcher