Team Report W2 2016

Tekno RC team driver Kyle Rhodes wins the 4×4 Pro4 Short Course class at the 2016 CRCRC Electric Winter Midwest Championship while team drivers Julian Andre and Mikko Maula win on the other side of the Atlantic making it a rather fruitful weekend for Tekno RC. Race reports follow:


CRCRC Electric Winter Midwest Championship, race report from Kyle Rhodes:


“The Ohio R/C Factory put down a fast and technical track layout. For me it was the first major race of 2016 and more importantly my first race with Tekno RC. I arrived to the track late Wednesday night and set up my pit area and began to prep for Thursday’s controlled practice; followed by a seeding round before qualifying. I quickly got my SCT410.3 dialed in for seeding. There were 4 rounds of qualifying using qual point format with your best 2 runs counting. I managed to top seeding. Heading into round 1 of qualifying I kept the same setup and managed to set TQ for the round and was the only driver to get 15 laps. Rounds 2 and 3 weren’t as perfect. I made a few small mistakes and for a 3 for round two and a 2 for round three. For round 4 I made a few changes and managed to take another TQ to secure the overall TQ for the triple A main format. A main 1 started out great. I quickly opened up a gap and pulled away from the field. With just about a minute left I had nearly an entire lap on the field. There was a computer error which caused the race director to stop the race. He made the call to re-run the race. For the re-run of A1 I repeated what I did in the first race and took the win. A2 went very similar as A1. I managed to pull away from the field and take the win and the overall victory for the weekend. I had a great time and look forward to going back next year. I need to give a big thanks to Tekno RC, and Joe Bornhorst. Joe gave me a lot of setup help throughout the weekend to get my truck where it needed to be.”


Final Results:

TQ/1st: Kyle Rhodes

2nd : Josh McDonald

3rd: Eric DeVos


Round 4 of the BWT cup at BRCC, race report by Julian Andre:

“Round 4 of the BWT cup at BRCC track. After some practice in the morning I realized that the track was unusually slippery, despite a sensor problem in the second qualifying I managed to TQ the race. For the finals the track was watered so the grip level increased, I won all three finals , giving me the overall win for the race. I want to thank Tekno RC and Wartelle Modelisme for their support!”


Final Results:

TQ/1st: Julian Andre

2nd : Davide Faraci

3rd: Frank Deage


Finnish SC Winter Cup Round 2 at Nokia RC Track, report by


This past weekend Round 2 of the Finnish SC Winter Cup was held at the Nokia RC track. Many drivers were using the Tekno RC SCT410.3 truck attended the race including the Finnish Tekno RC team drivers. During early practice it was clear that Tekno RC drivers were the ones to beat, in qualifications Mikko Maula, Martti Myllyntaus and Tony Liljeqvist had the top 3 spots with a great margin. During the finals Mikko got nervous but in the end managed to win the first round with Tony winning the 2nd heat and Martti the 3rd one so the overall win was up for grabs at the beginning of the 4th heat. Eventually Mikko Maulatook the win with Mikael Yrjänäinen in second place and Tony Liljeqvist in 3rd, leaving Martti Myllyntaus in 4th.